March Ends


After a week of beautiful sunny warm spring weather,
the high temp for March 20th is 30 degrees & SNOW!

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LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY Dog Show March 19, 20 & 21

Friday March 19 Australian Shepherd Judging

Saturday March 20 Australian Shepherd Judging

Thank you Aaron Brandenburg for the super photos!


This is it!!!!! Amy's donation to the USASA National Specialty Auction!
Dendric Agate, Iolite, Mother of Pearl, Blister Pearl. 41/8" long x 1 4/16" wide Comes with 18" sterling silver 3mm wide rope
chain. This beautiful AppleDance pendant will be auctioned at the USASA National Specialty Banquet on Wednesday April 28th.
The proceeds benefit the USASA Junior Handling Program.

Bridgette of New Zealand on your pretty pink abalone shell pendant!

 Laura Baylis on your gorgeous AppleDance pendant! (left)

Jennifer Hampton on your brilliant AppleDance pendant (right) 

Amy has been working fast & furiously on loads of exciting new pieces for Nationals.
Contact AMY at to order your AppleDance pendant for National's delivery!

Thornapple Premonition "Cherry"
28.3.2010 International Dog Show Katowice (PL) Judge Mr. Rui Oloveira (P).
Cherry Excellent 1, CWC.

We had a great weekend here at the Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association shows! Cullen, Ausgard's Under A Twilight Sky,
was Winners Dog both Saturday and Sunday, adding another 2 points to his tally! He was BOW on Sunday as well! He is now up
to 5 points with 1 major in just 3 weekends of showing!
Cullen is sired by Ch Thornapple Sky's The Limit.
Thornapple Mercury Rising "Blush"
(future star page coming)
But, more impressively...Blush, Thornapple Mercury Rising (Ch. Mandolyn Shake and Jake X Ch. Thornapple Straight Up) was
WB, BOW, and BEST OF BREED on Saturday, over 5 other bitches and 3 specials! Owner handled! She showed flawlessly,
and beat out some very nice competition! She added 2 more points to her total! Have a great day, Jackie Vincur
CONGRATULATIONS on an incredible weekend Jackie!

MORE GOOD NEWS for Jake x Chante kids!

Annie and Michele are seriously on fire... this weekend at the ASCA of Southern Florida, they added 3 new ASCA agility titles!
RS-N (Novice Standard); JS-N (Novice Jumpers) and GS-N (Novice Gamblers). Annie Q'd 9 out of 11 runs and took 1st Place in
EVERY run! In addition, she took High In Trial over nationally ranked competitors. That is 5 new titles in one month!She is now:

Thornapple Mercury Irish Lass RN, RS-N, JS-N, GS-N, NF, AD, CLR-1, CLH-1, CLS-1, CL-F, CLR, FD, FDX,
 FDCH, FDCH-S,FDCH-G, FM, CGC, Top Flight (U-Fli)(1 leg NA/2 legs NAJ/2 legs SSA/2 legs SG)

Owned and Trained by Michele King, Brooksville, FL --- Ami Romanelli, Esq.
CONGRATULATIONS Annie & Michele!!!

Thought you'd like to see these photos of Leilani This was her second Toss and Fetch Competition.
The first run we kept her on the long line and the second run was her first time off the long line!
It was super windy and don't think she caught more than 2 discs but we got some great shots of her.
Andrea  *** WebManna *** 561-603-5736 ***

Kentucky was great. Sunny and warm. Cooper did fabulous traveling.
  No accidents in the hotel rooms. Even from a 5th floor room on Friday! What a good boy. 
He does his little Cooper dance, goes to the door and whines to go out. I am very proud of him.
We were all glad to get back to home sweet home. Sheila Slater

Thornapple Skyjacker "Cooper"
Sire Ch Thornapple Code Red * Dam Ch Thornapple Quadra Trac

Star LOVES herding sheep!

Thornapple Star Dust "Star"
Star's first run was awesome. The second run she was stressed and decided to eat
sheep poops instead. Baby Star aims to please at all times. Her trainers are wonderful.
I have specially chosen everyone of them, She is very young and I do not want her
stressed out. I want every time to be an incredible party.We stop and have lots of parties.
We take seven days between parties. It is hard to cross train.
Hugs jenny

GOOD NEWS from Alejandra in Chile!
CH Thornapple Uncle Sam Wants You "Patriot"
Owner handled by Alejandra Reyes *** CONGRATS Ale!!!!


News from Sue Tearle!
York Kennel Club Show * York, PA * Friday, March 19, 2010 * Judge Ms. Nancy Bodine.
Winners Bitch - Thornapple Simply Red "Scarlett" handled by Paul Clas! 
My sister, Betsy Lambiasi, put a picture on the Thornapple Australian Shepherd  fan page. 
It was taken a couple weeks ago when we were doing agility practice.  Sue

Thornapple America The Beautiful "Maris"
Maris sends you one nice picture LOL where she developed into a nice and strong female.
Thank you for sharing Maris the Beautiful, Marko!

Thornapple She's Got Glamour "Glitz"
(Int'l page coming)
Natasha Baxter * Strathaven Aussies shares photos of Glitz competing at the Aussie Club Show in South Africa this weekend!


Glitz LOVES to watch the agility competition!

Thornapple First Class & Thornapple Mercury All Jacked Up
(Int'l page coming)
GOOD NEWS  from Sweden!
Today we were at a big international championship show in Malmö (Sweden).
It was 25 Aussies entered..... and Jack won cc, Cacib and BOB. He was also
among the 7 best in the group!!!!!!! He's such a handsome boy!!!! Second
best dog was Major!!So Thornapple in top again :))) The breed judge was
Maritha Östlund-Holmsten from Sweden.
CONGRATULATIONS A-L & Niklas * Easy Aussies

Thornapple Mercury Irish Lass
 RN, NF, AD, CLR-1, CLH-1, CLS-1, CL-F, CLR, FD, FDX, FDCH, FDCH-S,FDCH-G, FM, CGC, Top Flight (U-Fli)(1 leg NA/2 legs NAJ/2 legs SSA/2 legs SG)
Owned and Trained by Michele King
Brooksville, FL
March 20-21, 2010 *** USDAA Dog On It Agility Trial - Winter Park, FL
Annie and Michele King are not letting up! They got her last standard leg and she got her Agility Dog title!!
She also placed 2nd in the class. If that wasn't exciting enough, they also ran Steeplechase and she qualified! Go Annie and Michele!
March 12-13, 2010 *** Flyball - KETCH
Last weekend at the flyball tournament, Annie started out the weekend getting her Flyball Master (FM) title! Her team took first place
both Saturday and Sunday and she ran several 4.1 second runs!!
March 5-7, 2010 *** USDAA Agility Update - Elkton
Annie and Michele King are continuing their hot streak in 2010! She came home with 2 Q's in gamblers, 2 jumpers, and 2 snooker classes
and place 2nd in a Snooker and a Jumper's class and 3rd in Gambler's! Michele and Annie also ran in the tournament classes with the big
dogs and she had some brilliant runs for a baby dog!  Would have been in the top 10 percent in Grand Prix if she had gotten her weave entry!
Go little red dog!
Ami Romanelli *** ***


*** Saturday March 20 ***
Jennifer Granholm's Michigan MeatOut Day * National Agriculture Day!
Michigan people celebrate Michigan Meatless Day with a BBQ on the capitol lawn!

Amy & Family & Friends celebrate GARRISON MEAT IN DAY!!

YUM!  Celebrating Michigan Agriculture with Amy's delicious grilling!

Austen & Cory LOVE Michigan MeatOut Day!

30 degrees & snow on Saturday March 20th!
Amy observed Evan drives like Mother T!
Thornapple Whiskey Girl "Carrie"
A little bad weather doesn't stop Evan!

EARLIER IN THE WEEK the dogs enjoyed Temps in the 60s & Sunshine!

Shamba NEVER turns down a GOOD swamp puddle!
Perfect weather for a ROMP in the SWAMP!
Quake & Satan --- Fun in Amy's swamp!
A hint of green in Amy's woods!
Satan taking a beauty mud bath in the swamp & the skunk cabbage peaks out from under the spring moss!

FRISBEE NEWS from Poland!

Polish CH Thornapple Shakin All Over "Slash"
Last weekend Slash was on Frisbee seminar - he had a great time there :))))

"One thing we have control over in our lives is our attitude ... Get Your Smile On."
Country Music Star Clay Walker ** March 22, 2008 ** in an interview on Fox News about his battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Punxsutawney Tammy can't find her shadow on March 20th!
Are we in for 6 more weeks of winter???