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What we're focusing on here is that the AR movement hates human
CIVILIZATION. The highest creation of mankind, the thing that most
separates us from animals, is what they want to destroy.
Animal rights is mental illness masquerading as philosophy.
Walt Hutchens *** Timbreblue Whippets ** moderator

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Roger Caras
The National Anthem like you have never heard it sung!

Change WE can believe in November 2, 2010!!!!

SAOVA 2010 Election Wrap Up

Dear SAOVA Friends, It’s clear from November 2 exit polls that voters had many issues on their minds besides animal rights and the current economy headed
that list of election concerns by a large margin.
Against that background, sportsmen and animal owners should be encouraged by the number of victories we scored.

In head-to-head races between candidates SAOVA endorsed and those supported by the HSUS and its allies, our candidates won 16 out of 26 contests, or better than 62%.

Some of the SAOVA endorsees who defeated HSUS endorsees include: John Kasich (OH), Dan Lungren (CA), Cory Gardner (CO), Tim Wahlberg (MI), Mick Mulvaney (SC), Roy Blunt (MO), Pat Toomey (PA)

 SAOVA highlights of the election include defeat of John Hall (D-NY), Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH), and Joe Sestak (D-PA) all of whom received perfect scores of 100 from Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF),
the legislative arm of HSUS.
Also defeated were the following legislators designated as “Leaders” by HSUS: Russ Feingold (D-WI); Phil Hare (D-IL); Ron Klein (D-FL); Frank Kratovil (D-MD); Kendrick Meek (D-FL);
James Oberstar (D-MN); John Spratt (D-SC); and Dina Titus (D-NV).

For over a decade the HSUS and other anti-animal use groups have introduced federal legislation to amend the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) expanding the scope of USDA/APHIS inspection and regulation authority to cover
retail, in-home breeders.  HR 5434/S 3424 Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act (PUPS) is the 111th Congress edition, and an updated PUPS is sure to be on the animal rights zealots priority list for the 112th Congress.

Voters sent home the following 14 PUPS cosponsors: Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH), Joe Sestak (D-PA), Carol Shea-Porter (D-RI), Ron Klein (D-FL), Michael Castle (R-DE), Patrick Murphy (D-PA), Paul Hodes (D-NH),Steve Kagen (D-WI)
Deborah Halvorson (D-IL), Betsy Markey (D-CO), Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (D-SD), Parker Griffith (R-AL), John Hall (D-NY), Baron Hill (D-IN)

 We are in the process of completing a full list of defeated animal rightist voters on the SAOVA website:

 Sportsmen and animal owners won three of five ballot fights.  In Arkansas the Hunting and Fishing Rights Amendment passed with 83 percent of the vote. 
The Right to Hunt and Fish amendment passed in Tennessee with 87 percent of the vote, and in South Carolina with 89 percent. 

 Missouri animal owners lost the battle to defeat Proposition B which would set new standards and ownership limits on the existing state regulated dog breeding industry. 
Prop B passed with just 51.6% of the votes with HSUS and their anti-dog breeder allies spending $4.3 million dollars on support propaganda.

The new Republican majority in the House may afford a more difficult atmosphere for HSUS and their animal rights inspired legislation.  The incoming Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH),
 is no stranger to HSUS and their tactics.  During Ohio’s raging battle on the HSUS 2010 ballot initiative, Boehner stated,
"HSUS is a special interest group that has been waging war on our
agriculture community in recent years in an effort to impose its extreme animal rights agenda."

 However, new House members may be uneducated on such issues. The new "freshman" legislators, regardless of party, need to hear from us.  They need to know that our rights with respect to
animals and hunting are important to us, and that we are the authority on animal welfare. HSUS along with their radical agenda must be exposed.

The animal rightists will continue to move forward always finding new methods to promote their ideology. They will be increasingly active at the state and local level, and we will need more and
 better-organized opposition. Equally important, SAOVA needs your financial support.

The world not only belongs to those who show up, it's controlled by the best informed, most motivated and sufficiently resourced.
Cross posting is encouraged.
Susan Wolf -- Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance

Issue lobbying and working to identify and elect supportive legislators -- Visit SAOVA News

Dear SAOVA friends, HSUS State Director Kim Alboum has now concluded the Lobby 101 Seminars in North Carolina, holding seminars in 9 cities around the state
 during February and March. Some seminars attracted less than a dozen listeners while a few did better with attendance at approximately 50. The seminars
generated poor interest overall considering HSUS claims to have 240,000 members in the Tarheel State.

With little variation, the message was the same to all those who attended: legitimize the cause; go mainstream; get media coverage; talk to legislators and create relationships.
Alboum advised attendees that to initiate change, HSUS supporters need to mobilize, come together, and be viewed as mainstream. She blamed last year’s losses in the General
Assembly on HSUS supporters’ inability to organize effectively. Alboum continued to encourage her audience to meet their legislators face to face; find out where they go to church;
what outside groups they belong to; befriend their staff; and use HSUS fact sheets as hand outs for each introduced bill. Alboum emphasized the importance of getting stories to the
media to get their message out and spread the word.

FIGHT AGAINST FACTORY FARMING. A strategy HSUS plans to employ is an alliance with the "local foods" people in the HSUS fight against factory farms and their effort to force veganism
on the world. Alboum handed out copies of the 15th Annual Piedmont Farm Tour brochure (April 24 and 25), telling the audience to contact these farmers and ask them to help in the fight
against animal agriculture. Alboum stated she has been contacting the farmers, already polarizing them with HSUS propaganda.

SB460, the HSUS “Puppy Mill Bill” unfortunately passed the NC Senate in 2009 by one vote and is currently in House Finance. A call to arms was sent to the audience by Alboum to begin
making calls to House legislators and to Julia Howard (Vice Chairman, Finance) in support of SB460 passage in the May legislative session. Among the many exaggerations presented to justify
the bill are claims that the original HSUS estimation of 200 large-scale breeders was wrong and it is likely that figure is double with at least 400 “puppy mills” operating in the state.
Noteworthy is the ease with which the terms commercial breeder and “puppy mill” are used interchangeably.

Alboum informed her audience that “puppy mills” should be shut down because they spread Giardia, a “virus” contagious to humans. Again, Alboum is misinforming her listeners. Giardia is
not a virus, it is a microscopic parasite found worldwide and is recognized as a common cause of waterborne disease in humans in the United States. The Giardia parasite lives in the
intestine of infected humans or animals (e.g., cats, dogs, cattle, deer, and beavers) causing nausea and diarrhea. According to the CDC, anyone can get giardiasis including people who
drink from poorly monitored wells, and backpackers, hikers, and campers who drink untreated water.

Alboum continued by stating that puppy millers from neighboring states, such as Virginia and Tennessee, are flooding into North Carolina following passage of regulation there. Did Alboum
and HSUS have time to examine real estate records in three states in order to reach this conclusion or is this yet another wild accusation pulled out of thin air to create a crisis looking for a solution?
As we have pointed out before, the same sound bites of breeders fleeing from one state to another are distributed by HSUS in every state with a pending breeder bill.

When questioned about why the bill did not include cats, Alboum’s answer was "baby steps, they are next, then birds." Alboum also expressed her disappointment that the original bill had
been downgraded to complaint driven inspection rather than annual inspections. Likewise the numbers used to establish a commercial breeder (“puppy mill”) were increased, but Alboum
stated that in reality owning 6 females should be the separating line between hobby and commercial breeder. Alboum assured the audience that getting ANY bill on the books was worth
the effort as it could be tightened up later on.

HSUS is intent on regulating dog breeders. Alboum did not have specific details, but mentioned that HSUS was working on a plan to assist North Carolina counties with enforcement costs for SB460.
 Make no mistake - the animal rights agenda has nothing to do with welfare, it is about control. HSUS yearns to become an arm of the government as demonstrated by their previous scheme to
be the enforcement agency for USDA kennel inspections and more recent petition to President Obama to appoint a Federal Animal Protection Liaison.

Know thy enemy. Attend the HSUS Lobby Seminar in your own state, learn the upcoming agenda, and prepare for the battle.
We cannot afford to have HSUS and animal rightists frame the issues, labeling us as exploiters and legislating away our rights.

The “word” that HSUS sends to the media is generally a mix of misinformation and outright lies. The false, detrimental HSUS accusations cannot go unchallenged. If local media airs biased reports,
assist in contacting the writers with facts. Write your own letter to the editor correcting the HSUS propaganda piece.

Coalition Building. Find allies to assist on a given piece of legislation, even if these allies have a slightly different perspective due to their specific area. Stop infighting! Compromise with radical
animal rightists on anti-breeder, anti-agriculture animal rights legislation only serves to give them a platform for increased, restrictive regulation of our hobbies, sports, and livelihoods.

Use the ballot box to vote controlling, animal rightist supporting legislators out of office.

Join the campaign asking for an IRS audit of the HSUS excessive lobbying practices and revocation of their nonprofit status.
Send examples of HSUS excessive lobbying to the IRS with a short cover letter for inclusion in the audit.

The world not only belongs to those who show up, it's controlled by the best informed and most motivated.
Cross posting is encouraged.  Susan Wolf
Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance -
Issue lobbying and working to identify and elect supportive legislators. Your financial assistance is vital to SAOVA's advocacy.


This day falls on National Agriculture Day --- SHAME on Michigan!
Michigan “Meatout” Declaration Grills Sensibilities
Granholm's meatless day proclamation grinds Farm Bureau
Mark Hornbeck / Detroit News Lansing Bureau
Lansing -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm proclaimed Saturday a meatless day,
and the Michigan Farm Bureau is having a cow. Wayne Wood, president of the Farm Bureau,
in a tersely worded statement, called the governor's proclamation for Michigan Meatout Day
"unconscionable" and "an insensitive slap in the face to Michigan's livestock and dairy farmers,
not to mention Michigan's meat-eating residents."
Liz Boyd, Granholm's press secretary, countered that "people may be taking this too seriously."...

"Meatless Mondays" Campaign Relies On Hazy Climate Claims

JUST IN FROM IOWA! Get paid to be a breeder who does NOT BREED dogs!!!!!

Full Page Ad in New York Times February 22nd!
Sign on to the new website!!!

A MUST SEE  POWERFUL video. View it, save it, pass it on.
On the Craigslist in Sacramento, A Sacramento breeder shared this video on Craigslist! He commented
 Watch this video & quit blaming breeders for dogs in shelters!

Click below and listen to Judge Napolitano's important message to all Americans.<>

When Patrick Giger, a 34-year-old angler from the Swiss village of Horgen,
cast his baited line into Lake Zurich's storm-swollen waters on an icy
February morning last year, he could not have forecast the trouble he would
end up reeling in alongside the 22lb pike which was soon to snare itself on
his hook. The day ended with the monster fish being devoured by Giger and
his friends at a local restaurant, but just a few months later Giger would
face, on the instructions of the state prosecutor for the canton of Zurich,
criminal prosecution for causing excessive suffering to the animal after
boasting to a local newspaper that he had spent around 10 minutes, and
exerted considerable physical effort, landing the fish.

The pike has gone on to become something of a poster child for the animal
rights movement in Switzerland. It has even attracted more than 6,000 "fans"
on a Facebook page set up in its memory. But the fate of this fish also acts
to highlight the political divisions in Switzerland over just how far to
push its animal rights legislation, already hailed as arguably the toughest
anywhere in the world. The ultimate test will come this Sunday when the
country will decide in a referendum – or "people's initiative" – whether an
animal should be represented by a lawyer during any criminal trial in which
it is judged to be the "victim". The canton of Zurich has had just such a
lawyer – or "animal advocate", as the incumbent prefers to be called – since
1991, but the campaigners who garnered the 100,000 signatures required to
automatically trigger a national referendum are now hoping animal advocates
will be required by law in all 26 cantons.

Antoine Goetschel, Zurich's animal advocate since 2007, acted in court on
behalf of the pike two weeks ago when Giger's trial finally came before a
judge. Giger was subsequently acquitted, but Goetschel is still hopeful that
when the judge finally submits his written summary of the trial in the
coming weeks he will clarify what time-length is acceptable for a fisherman
to land a fish.

For some in Switzerland the apparent absurdity of a dead fish having its own
legal counsel – let alone placing such a legal time limit on anglers –
displays that the animal rights agenda has now gone too far. However,
supporters of the referendum argue that this strikes at the very ethical and
philosophical heart of animal rights: why shouldn't an animal, they argue,
have the same legal right to representation as any other victim in a
criminal trial? And when you open that particular Pandora's box, a whole
slew of other chewy questions follow. For example, do all animal species
deserve equal rights? If an elephant deserves a lawyer, what about that
defenseless slug squished underfoot by a vengeful gardener? Such questions
have been troubling moral philosophers for centuries, but it could soon have
a practical application in all of Switzerland's criminal courts.

Dear Friends, Mr. Frank Losey, attorney and professional consultant for all responsible dog owners and breeders, has worked tirelessly
for two-and-a-half years investigating and gathering data concerning the excessive lobbying activities of the HSUS, a tax exempt
501C-3 charitable organization. HSUS has thumbed its nose at all tax payers in the nation while using money donated from many
unknowing animal lovers who thought they were giving money to help animals when in fact, the money has been used to spread
their agenda of eliminating agriculture and animal ownership as we know it. Mr. Losey has compiled 755 pages of documents and
proof of the activities of the HSUS and has submitted his work to the IRS, calling for an investigation. He then launched a program
for animal owners and enthusiasts nationwide to write letters to the tax fraud division of the IRS, resulting in thousands of letters,
the majority sent registered, inundating the IRS office in Fresno, California calling for an investigation of HSUS. It appears the
persistence of Mr. Losey and all animal owners and enthusiasts nationwide are bearing fruit.
Please read the letter from Mr. Losey below. He has given permission to cross post at will.
Dear Animal Owners and Enthusiasts,
A number of individuals who wrote to the IRS have now received form a “form” letter response from the IRS Office in Dallas.
Since some have received the form letters, that indicates that all will. Typing names and addresses on 4,500-5,000 form letters and
envelopes does take a little time!!!!!! Although form letters are often not worth the paper they are written on, this form letter is
different for a number of reasons, including those set out below:

1. Unlike most form letters which are “signed” by a lower ranking individual, this form letter is signed by the Acting Director of the Exempt Organization Examinations Division.

2. The IRS bureaucratic glacier is now moving.

3. The form letter goes one step further and asks for other relevant info if you have it.

4. The fact that the Dallas Office is involved means that a total of four IRS (Fraud-Related) Offices are now discussing among themselves what is going on.
 (The other three Offices are Ogden, Utah, Fresno, CA and Washington DC.) Discussion means that the IRS is taking serious the documentation
that I have previously sent, as well as at least 4,500 confirmed letters that the IRS has received.

5. If the IRS is sending out form letters to at least 4,500 letter-writers, which states send more info if you have it, this means that the IRS is about to open up a serious investigation,
and probably already has, especially in light of the fact the HSUS has taken off of its website some of its "finger tip" links having to do with lobbying. You now have to use the HSUS search engine.

6. I have a new point of contact to inundate with 755 pages of incriminating documents, in the unlikely event that my seven submissions have not been copied and forwarded to the Dallas Office.

7. The IRS" chatter," which was a primary purpose of the letter writing campaign, is in full motion.

8. The most important thing is that the IRS is not ignoring the issues raised and is asking for additional information if it is available. I'm working on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HSUS Fires A Shot At Michigan Hunters ** March 3rd, 2010 by Tony Hansen.
I've never been one to cry wolf.
Yeah, maybe that's a lame play on words but, in this case, it's
appropriate. In last Sunday's Detroit Free Press there was an editorial
on why wolves need more protection by Jill Fritz. Ms. Fritz is an employee
of the Humane Society of the United States. This is not the group that runs
local animal shelters. It is an anti-hunting animal rights organization. The
"Humane Society" portion of it's title is nothing more than a clever marketing
scheme designed to fool well-being people into donating money. It is a
Washington D.C. lobby group with deep pockets which it used to pour
millions of dollars into the fight to end dove hunting here in Michigan.
Ms. Fritz is also a former student coordinator for PETA and national
coordinator for the Farm Animal Rights Movement whose members
follow strict vegan-based diets and its policies are anti-dairy, anti-meat
and anti-animal production agriculture. How about another play on words:
This is the wolf in sheep's clothing and, unfortunately, it appears the
Free Press fell victim to the ruse. 
NAIA News *** National Animal Interest Alliance

HEADLINES February 2010!
Winter Could Be Worst in 25 Years for USA
3 Deaths Due To Cold in Memphis
Elderly burn books for warmth
Vermont sets all-time record for one snowstorm
Iowa temps a solid 30 degrees below normal
Seoul buried in heaviest snowfall in 70 years
Historic ice build-up shuts down NJ nuclear power plant
Midwest Sees Near-Record Lows, Snow by the Foot
Miami shivers from coldest weather in decade


YES it's true! Al Gore is hiding out at Thornapple!!!!

Hundreds Gather to Protest Global Warming in Michigan!!!
Thank you Jennifer Hampton for your up to the minute report on global warming!

JANAY is on the lookout in the Netherlands for Al Gore! :)))

Could THIS be Al Gore?

AND another 10" of GLOBAL WARMING hits Amy's farm on February 22, 2010!
Blonco & Quake are keeping a secret!!!

Maybe this is Al Gore the dogs have smothered in the snow????

Is Al Gore hiding out in a snow bank in the Czech Republic??????????
POUNCE ON HIM Cherry!!!!

to view larger

PETA Crushes It's Own Credibility

HSUS Earns an "F" For Effort

The Winter Of Wayne's Discontent

More Pushback Against Peta

Attack Dog

HSUS - Animal Welfare's Fools Gold

Peta Behaving Badly

SPECIAL REPORT: Terrorism Grand Jury Subpoenas HSUS Lawyer

More Troubling Signs With HSUS' Haiti Haul

Is Peta Going For The Gold In Terrorism?


Court Decision Bullhooks HSUS Executive!

HSUS 'Rescues' Forgets Baltimore's Horses

Taking the “Human” out of “Humane”

HSUS --- Another Disaster (Haiti) - Another PayDay!
Shameless Fund Raising

The BBC will be broadcasting an apology to the KC as demanded by
OFT on BBC1 on Monday Jan 11th at 9 pm.

Farmer Brown Stands Up To (Animal Rights) Bullies

The Latest From The Animal (Rights) Kingdom

YES WAYNE -- Let's Follow The Money!

Federal Racketeering Charge Stuns HSUS!

The meaning of Oreo --- November 16, 12:27 --- Animal Shelters Examiner Nathan Winograd
The ASPCA killed Oreo despite an offer to save her by a No Kill shelter and sanctuary.

"Over the last several days, the ASPCA’s killing of a dog named Oreo has ignited a furor among animal lovers nationwide.
They tried to justify it by claiming she was aggressive. But the question of whether or not Oreo was beyond rehabilitation is
merely a side story to the most significant issues raised by Oreo's execution. And while Oreo’s killing by those who were supposed
to be her protectors has left too many questions unanswered, what has emerged as the most significant one is why did Ed Sayres,
the President of the ASPCA, rush to kill an abused dog when the public demanded that she be saved & a sanctuary had offered her lifetime care?"
continued on Nathan Winograd's blog.
For more information:   Pets Alive, Middletown, NY.

Dear God,

So far this year you have taken away my favorite dancer, Michael Jackson,

My favorite actor Patrick Swayze,

My favorite actress Farrah Fawcett,

My favorite comedian, Dom DeLuise,

My favorite pitchman, Billy Mays,

And my favorite sidekick, Ed McMahon.

Just so you know, my favorite animal rights activist is Wayne Pacelle!


Burger Kings signs across the southern states of the USA!
North Dakota Farmer: Al Gore ought to be here this July 2009!

SPCA Outrage in Philadelphia

Hunting Bassets seized in Philadelphia!

REMEMBER THE Animal Rightist
A Democratic Party Member a Dr. asked Rep Scott Questions-
Watch the Animal Rightist act like less than a gentleman Congressman



Animal Rights is Wrong by Loretta Baughan
It always amazes me to see how many people fall prey to the slick photos of
puppies and kittens national animal rights groups use to solicit donations.
 Too often, people who support these organizations are misled into thinking
they are actually helping animals or their local humane societies. Despite
having a name that suggests an active role in overseeing or operating local
humane societies, in reality the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is
little more than a $200-million dollar lobbying organization tirelessly
working to ramrod their anti-animal, anti-people agenda into law. On
occasions where cases of animal abuse or neglect become the focus of media
attention, HSUS often sweeps into town to hog the spotlight while soliciting
donations from the unsuspecting public. Like a thief in the night, HSUS packs
up and exits - along with the public's donations - as soon as the media's
attention fades, leaving struggling, underfunded local animal shelters and
rescue groups bearing the financial burden of care for the confiscated
animals. Full article:

January 23, 2009 --- ALERT!!!!
'Regulatory Czar' has Secret Animal-Rights Agenda, Says Consumer Group
Cass Sunstein supports outlawing hunting, phasing out meat eating, giving animals the right to file lawsuits!
July 24 2009 **** From Fur Commission
NOTE: For more on the Cass Sunstein nomination, see the video link below, in which FOX News commentator
Glen Beck hosted CCF’s Director of Research David Martosko.
Thornapple footnote -- This a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH! FINALLY ... Glenn Beck touches on the silent war being waged
in our country! Hopefully, Glenn will invite David BACK to Fox News and dig DEEPER into the tyranny of HSUS & PETA!
Glenn Beck's BEST SHOW to date!!!!
FOX News
Obama Regulatory Czar's Confirmation Held Up by Hunting Rights Proponent
Cass Sunstein's views on litigating on behalf of animals has raised
concerns for Sen. John Cornyn, who placed a hold on the nominee until
he gets a chance to hear his views one-on-one.
By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WASHINGTON -- President Obama's nominee for "regulatory czar" has hit
a new snag in his Senate confirmation process -- a "hold" by Texas
Sen. John Cornyn, who's says he's not convinced that Harvard professor
Cass Sunstein won't push a radical animal rights agenda, including new
restrictions on agriculture and even hunting. Senators are permitted "holds"
to prevent a vote on a nominee from coming to the floor. They are often
secretive and for very specific reasons. "Sen. Cornyn finds numerous aspects
 of Mr. Sunstein's record troubling, specifically the fact that he wants to establish
legal 'rights' for livestock, wildlife and pets, which would enable animals to file
lawsuits in American courts," the Republican's spokesman, Kevin McLaughlin,
said in a statement to ....  NAIA News *** National Animal Interest Alliance

For the past four decades (since the late 1960's when race riots and "free" love and drugged-up hippies advocating "peace"
and the "environment" emerged under a Democrat White House and Democrat-controlled Congress) American history has
been dominated by the destruction of "unalienable" and Constitutional Rights with the simultaneous erosion of State and
local government authority and the customs, traditions, culture, and freedoms that have been the hallmarks of American
society for over 2 centuries. All of those things that distinguished the United States from all other nations and that were
the magnets for immigration levels unmatched in world history are being swept away as we disregard our Constitution,
embrace European government models, and become abject before other nations for not having been perfect throughout
our existence. Anyone not recognizing this truth and not concerned about the breathtaking acceleration of these changes
at this time (summer 2009) need not read further. The radical late 1960's noted above resulted in many destructive trends.
Presidents, Congressmen, and even Supreme Court Justices with but a few exceptions catered, for myriad reasons few
of which could be called honorable, to the radicals and their Draconian objectives. A few examples make the point:

- The Supreme Court fabricated a "right to privacy" out of thin air thereby legitimizing "recreational" sex and set in motion
the deterioration of marriage and family life at the expense of the lives of unborn children. The results also included a
growing acceptance of same-sex political demands, debates about killing children now up to two years of age, tolerance
for mercy-killing, and consideration of euthanizing the elderly (see current "Health Care" legislative proposals for mandatory
"end-of-life" counseling and claims about how "we" (through "our" government) have a right to deny care to the elderly or to
force doctors and nurses to perform abortions and euthanize the elderly or disabled ("since we are paying for it"). The loss of
the first and most important "unalienable' right "endowed by their Creator" as mentioned in The Declaration of Independence,
i.e. "Life", is indisputable for the millions sacrificed with government authority over the past four decades.

- Large cities like Boston, New York City, Chicago, and the Northern New Jersey megalopolis have dominated their State
legislatures and forced passage statewide and locally of gun control legislation that clearly "infringes" on the Constitutional "right
to bear Arms" that is clearly stated in the US Constitution. Further the government of the District of Columbia, and federal agencies like
The National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service (all composed of bureaucrats ostensibly sworn to uphold the Constitution of the
 United States and paid for by US tax dollars) have instigated and enforced extreme infringements (i.e. total bans) on the Constitutional
"right to bear Arms". The Supreme Court, Congress, and several Presidents (again all of whom are sworn to uphold the Constitution while
being paid by "We the People"!) have supported this destruction of a Constitutional right of millions.

- Congress passes, and Presidents sign, legislation like The Endangered Species Act, examples of which regarding the elimination of private
property rights, State's rights, and individual rights would fill books. Congress passes, and Presidents sign, legislation demanding that everyone
be classified by race and gender for "preferences" in hiring, contract awards, bonuses, transfers, housing, and on and on: each "preference"
given is a right denied another solely on a basis that should be repugnant to anyone believing that "all men are created equal".

- The current "Health Care", "Stimulus Funding", "Buyouts of GMC and Chrysler", "TARP Funding", etc. changes all involve losses of rights for
doctors, patients, car buyers, investors, the elderly, young children, and so many others. The rate of passage of recent elimination of rights
is staggering and the fact that it is all rushed through as an "emergency" 1.) without public hearings - or 2.) copies made available for public
review - or 3.) with Congressional confessions that they have not even read what they pass - or 4.) without any Supreme Court challenges
based on enforcement of the US Constitution (the ONLY purpose of a "Supreme" Court), 5.) at the insistence of a President surrounded by
radicals of every stripe from abortion expanders to environmental and race extremists to anti-gun and animal rights fanatics.

I have been writing and speaking about this loss of rights for about ten years. My area of interest and expertise tends to be the environment
and animal aspects of American society. I support the management and use of wild plants and animals as public property and the ownership
and use of domestic animals as private property. I have a long track record with and I am opposed to the unnecessarily restrictive use and
insufficient management of public lands. I am opposed to State governments interference with local jurisdiction over domestic animal
owners and to federal legislation that goes beyond legitimate "Interstate Commerce" issues. I am opposed to, and despised by, organizations
 from PETA and HSUS to The Wilderness Society to The Nature Conservancy (the "nest" from which Treasury Secretary "Hank" "Stimulus"
Paulson emerged).

None of this is to say that PETA members ought not to be able to advocate veganism or HSUS to collect money for "shelters" (which by the
way they do not do). I object when they campaign to stop all hunting or fishing or to force dog breeders out of business or to give "their"
animal wardens all manner of un-Constitutional powers. When they attempt to eliminate the ownership and use of all animals (starting with
pets and "smart" animals like whales and seals that are so "cute") they must be opposed. Likewise TNC and Greenpeace et al are certainly
free to buy property or to advocate avoiding whale meat or seal products; it is when TNC and federal agencies form hidden and illegal
partnerships to but and control land or when Greenpeace prevents sensible whale management or recovery of commercial fish stocks
that I oppose them. It is when The Wilderness Society and The Sierra Club influence the closure of public lands and the elimination of the
management and use of natural resources and when they stack the federal agencies and Universities with fellow travelers that in turn force
out resource managers and reinstate pagan worship of nonsense like "Native Ecosystems" and "Wilderness" and "Roadless" and "Electric
Motor Only" Areas that they must be opposed. In all of these instances (and there are many more) the "loss of rights" meaning loss of culture,
traditions, property, heritage and other aspects of the lives of American citizens is the thing that is most descriptive of the "problem" for
those directly affected.

I was fired 10 years ago after 32 years of federal service for doing my job of protecting the rights of State governments to maintain
trapping programs dependent on the sale of furs by American trappers to European fur markets. I have since tried to help all those being
harmed by government programs like wolf introductions and protection. I have tried to help those threatened by the condemnation of
their property by unholy cabals like TNC and Defense bureaucrats. I have tried to help landowners and resource users threatened by the US
Fish and Wildlife Service with the loss of irrigation water or the use of property "designated" as "essential" to some bird flock or fish school.
I have tried to help farmers and urban children exposed to goose concentrations and the health hazards they present or rural communities
facing imminent destruction because of government radicals in control of government lands. I have tried to help dog owners threatened by
 Nazi-like animal "welfare" laws and animal wardens. What it almost always boils down to is the question, "how do we get anyone to support us?"

In fact, hunters' organizations seldom support trapping. Easterners and urban folks seldom ever consider ranchers and rural people suffering
from wolves. Few people care about government land purchases and control unless they feel threatened themselves. Unless you irrigate or know
someone that does, helping irrigators never crosses your mind. If you don't have geese pooping all over the park or schoolyard where your children
play or polluting your field such that it will not grow anything in large swaths (from poop) you don't care. If you don't breed dogs, the idea of
"no-knock" and even "no-warrant" searches to uncover animal abuse seems justifiable as you gaze at your daughter's golden retriever, Buffy.
As States are going broke, the erosion of more State's rights to federal bureaucrats to insure more "Stimulus" or "Bailout" or "Subsidy" money
seems like a good bargain (at the moment). So who will support whom? What is "the" answer?

I used to try and suggest people and organizations that would help those asking for help as their rights were threatened but alas few cared.
I wrote aboutthe need to help say, gamefowl breeders and cock fighters to remain under the auspices of local jurisdictions (as opposed State
or federal authorities) but the hate mail and loss of "readers" was large. No, there is only "one" answer to how to save and restore our rights.

When one right can be eliminated, the precedent for other rights to be eliminated is established and enlarged. Whenever we accept that, sure
they need a gun in rural areas but here in the urban area they should be banned, you have opened a door that jeopardizes every other right.
Until we each understand that you don't have to own or use guns to grasp the importance of the Right of others to "bear Arms" for instance,
that Right remains in jeopardy. Until we each accept the Right of citizens to own and use animals, that Right is in jeopardy. Until we each
accept that private property can only be "taken" for a public "use" and that the owner must always be compensated, that Right is in jeopardy.
Until we can tolerate that while we may be repelled by uses such as gamefowl owners fighting their birds as generations have done for eons and
that we may actively oppose such events and places IN OUR COMMUNITY, if we begin to prohibit such legitimate use of animals by their owners
everywhere then not only is that Right in jeopardy; so is hunting, fishing, trapping, and animal husbandry from livestock to poultry. In sum,
"your rights are my rights and my rights are your rights".

This means speaking out at family gatherings, at lunches, and with neighbors in a positive way about how you may not agree with such and such
but others and other communities should CONTINUE TO HAVE THE FREEDOM TO MAINTAIN IT. This means not electing politicians that are amenable
to taking away the rights of American citizens whoever they may be or whatever they may do that bothers others, no matter what they promise you.
This means assuring that schoolteachers and University staffs uphold American values ("unalienable" rights, and Constitutional dictates) or replacing
them. This means federal and State agencies that employ bureaucrats that uphold rather that destroy Constitutional principles. This means once
again looking at all neighbors as friends and forthrightly correcting and opposing those that would take away the rights of others.

Although there is apparently a significant part of the citizenry amenable to taking away the rights of others, they, like those limited groups they
individually target are limited themselves. Whether you want or oppose some New Mexico town to allow a bullring isn't the question: the question
is should a New Mexico town continue to have the jurisdiction to apply community standards to their own town and its residents? The question isn't
whether there should be another "Wilderness Declaration": the question is should the federal government be able to buy and control land that is
neither managed, used, nor accessible? The question isn't whether I should be able to carry a concealed weapon as authorized by my State
government on a federal Park or Refuge in MY State; the question is whether federal bureaucrats sworn to uphold the Constitution can deny me
this right by claiming State sovereignty over State land and waters for a purpose unrelated to any national security or other issue?

If we cannot "hang together"; this Administration, Congress, Supreme Court, and craven State governments are rapidly proving the old maxim
about therefore, "hanging separately"   Jim Beers   24 July 2009

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.
This article and other articles written by Jim Beers since January 2009 can
be found at (Jim Beers Uncommon Sense)
Articles by Jim Beers written from March 2006 to January 2009 can be found
at (Jim Beers Common Sense)
Jim Beers is available for consulting or to speak. Contact:
Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist,
Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow.
He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and
Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western
Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the
Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security
Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress;
twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60
Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to
expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan,
Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

5. Save MY Rights
Posted by: "CathyM" catrens1
Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:40 pm (PDT)

Jim Beers forgot one question:
The question isn't whether I should be breed my animals in a method that is
appeasing to my neighbor, to organizations or to the government; the
question is whether I have the right to do with my property what I want
without interference from people that do not agree with my methods or from
interference from state and federal bureaucrats sworn to uphold the
Constitution that can deny me my personal property rights?

All I can say is this: He hit the nail on the head and if you read it and
think, you will realize what he is truly saying is this:
WAKE UP AMERICA! It isn't too late yet, but it is getting very close to
losing our Constitution.
CathyM *** Catren's Shar Pei *** Catren's Leather Show Accessories
Kill "The Killing Fields" Bills of the HSUS

I think that's the part that puts them outside the pale, where they
have proven that they hate what America stands for. The animals are a
transparent excuse. Placing the imaginary and dysfunctional rights of
animals above those of humans is a way to poorly disguise contempt for
humanity. Most if not all of AR is about this contempt, which is
self-hatred and hatred of others.
Breeding is the opposite of killing. My blog:

July 20, 2009 - Defining Political Correctness
Sometimes you are encouraged about our country's future when you see something like this.
Specifically, there is an annual contest at Texas A&M University calling for the most appropriate
definition on of a contemporary term. This year's term was "Political Correctness." The winner wrote:
"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted
by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to
pick up a turd by the clean end."    R. J. Wiedemann Lt Col. USMC Ret

July 20, 2009 - From Hermine, with permission to crosspost far and wide:
I do solemnly declare that the word for an animal rights nut is
Petaphile". Please remember to use this when speaking of them, and
when asked, explain about whom you are speaking. remember that
neutering is the extreme form of circumcision required in their cult.

Humane Society lies to kill dog
Posted to the pet-law list -  by: "Autumnbriar Farms"
Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:39 am (PDT) *** copied with permission from the author
Surveillance Video Shows the Truth, Walker County HS Lies Unveiled About Dog Killed - VIDEO
Monday, July 13th, 2009
You remember Boost, Marcus Campbell's sweet Boxer that was killed a half hour after a couple dropped the dog off at the
Walker County Humane Society. Well, Walker County Humane Society Director Lane Reno said the dog was acting in a
 hostile manner, aggressive, had to be removed from the carrier with a catch pole, etc. and that was why he was killed.
The couple who dropped Boost off at the Walker County HS denied Reno's claims and said that Boost was friendly and
agreeable. Now surveillance video has been released showing the truth! You can easily see that Boost came out of the
carrier and was friendly, tail wagging, walking on a leash without a problem. He showed no hostility or aggression.
Walker County Humane Society Director Lane Reno's lies are revealed for the world to see! "He jumps right down off
the truck and walks in and the other video showing inside shows Boost wagging his tail, just happy to be there, not
having any idea what was fixing to happen to him," said Attorney Brett Wadsworth. This sweet, beautiful and well
beloved year-old family pet was killed because this bitch and her staff were too lazy, heartless and uncaring to make any
effort to find room for him and God forbid they had to stay late at work! Instead they killed him, saying he was aggressive.
There are three videos that were uploaded to YouTube, you can view them HERE. Campbell is suing the Walker County HS
for an undisclosed amount and also calling for a change of leadership and the WCHS. Far too often I think we have turned
into a sue-happy society and there are too many frivolous lawsuits but in this case, there is nothing frivolous and I hope he
rakes them over the coals! I hope Reno and her staff are fired and never find another job working with animals because
anyone who would do that or be collusion obviously doesn't give a damn about animals and should have anything to do with them!

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!, because if you DON'T, then YOU WON'T have ANY!
Autumnbriar Farms

To Meghan Daum RE: Your article about confusing billboards
Posted on the pet-law list - list by: "John Bowen"  
credit John Bowen's blog at   Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:54 pm (PDT)
Dear Meghan Daum,
Thank you for that article. The more attention the press gives these issues, maybe the more truth will become apparent.
First, let me correct an impression you gave me with a quote from your article. You stated, "The Humane Society is a mainstream
anti-cruelty and animal-shelter organization."

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Humane Society operates no shelters. It has operated a farm somewhere for accepting
 animals and keeping them until death, but admissions to it have been ceased for years. And when Michael Vick's dog were impounded,
they recommended euthanasia for all, and were quite adamant in that regard. They have supported many legislative acts over the years,
all of which have contributed to animal and human psychological suffering.

PETA does operate a shelter, just one. They do provide spay and neuter services. And they go out and solicit animals to be turned in to
them. Then they kill over 95% of them. Some PETA employees were convicted of littering when they dumped several trash bags filled
with the carcasses of dead animals they had euthanized illegally in their mobile pick-up van into the dumpsters at a Piggly-Wiggly
 store over several nights. This conviction was overturned due to being the wrong code cited. Nevertheless, it is a continuing operation
and a horrible situation.

In California right now, there are the bills:SB250 (now in suspense), SB241,SB242, SB243, SB318 and AB1122 pending. Each of those
would impinge upon California animal enthusiasts, pet owners, and animal businesses. While most of us would never own the 50 animals
as the limit in one of those Senate bills, lowering the limit on duly licensed USDA kennels would certainly impose a strain on the demand
side for pets produced there. Commercial facilities produce maybe 24% of all puppies acquired nationally. Hobby breeders produce maybe
12% of such puppies. The rest are produced by the casual one-time folks who mate dogs for; 1. education, 2. anticipated profit, or 3.
from negligence in pet keeping. Many of these bills, take AB1122 for instance, have wording so vague that any person can disagree
with the way someone is keeping their animals as to have that person charged with a felony. The accuser has total immunity from
legal retaliation. It all boils down to definitions between people, many of whom are totally ignorant of animal keeping practices that are
without cruelty or inhumane treatment.

Just look at the California peoples passing of Proposition 2, funded by $3 Million from the Humane Society of the United States. Having
been raised on a farm that had chickens, the primary subject, I know the nature of those animals. I also know that caged hens live twice
as long as free range chickens, have less disease, and are more content when the options of fighting for flock status are removed. But the
 general population of most states in now urban, far removed from the food production chain and operates on their inner core of "feelings."
heaven forbid that 99% of our population ignorant of food production needs and economics in general must tell the 1+% percent of our
population how their food must be produced. The strange effect that this law may have is that the safety of animal product foods may
decline rapidly, as food prices increase very dramatically. Twice as many chickens will die, that 1% of population producing food will
decline as family farms are driven out of business and the "hated" "factory farms" will multiply. They have encouraged a law that will
do exactly the opposite of what they said it will do.

The animal rights organizations are dead set against any animal ownership. They have lent financial support to all these measures
through locally organized groups. Those groups then gift that money to the sponsors of the bills, primarily for their re-election
campaigns so they may serve the groups in the future. When one such legislator fails, they pick another, contribute more and
work harder. Witness Lloyd Levine from last year's failed AB1634, versus today's Senator Florez of SB250 origin, who has raised
more than all opponents combined for his bid for the Lt. Governor's seat.

These bills are part and parcel to what ails California. They add to the problem and solve nothing. They demand more spending, can
only be enforced by making examples of a few individuals and destroy both confidence and initiative in the citizenry. It is now wonder
that as many productive organizations and businesses, an individuals are leaving as illegals pouring in.

Should these trends continue, what will California become?

Sincerely,  John Bowen *** another former Californian  *** Please read this:

New Data Shows Slaughterhouse

After Los Angeles Spay/Neuter Law

 LA Shelter Admissions and Euthanasia 11 Times Higher Than

State Average, Predict Disaster If SB 250 Becomes State Law

 by JOHN YATES -- American Sporting Dog Alliance

 This report is archived at




Mandatory Spay/Neuter – Why Exemptions Are Not Enough -- July 2009

Over the past few years, since the introduction of California's failed AB 1634, the AKC Government Relations
department has seen an increase in mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) proposals at the state and local levels.
In 2008, a measure was introduced in Arizona, and in 2009, similar laws were proposed in Florida, Alabama,
and Texas. None of the measures gained traction, but the message is clear: there are people who want to
make it very hard and very expensive to own an intact dog and to engage in responsible breeding.

On the local level, the victories in some municipalities have been tempered with losses in other communities.
In fact, a recent report by the Spay/Neuter Advisory Committee in the City of Los Angeles has even questioned
the exemption provided to dogs registered with approved registries, including the AKC. Although no legislative
action is currently pending on this report, it is important to recognize that there are people out there who do not
support the right of responsible citizens to own and breed dogs.

Hobby breeders and fanciers are often tempted to ignore ordinances or laws that specifically exempt those
involved with competition activities, but often these provisions come with significant strings attached. In some
cases, breeders or fanciers are required to have their home inspected by animal control officers who do not
have significant training in animal husbandry and are not familiar with the needs of specific breeds. Other
ordinances require that a dog be shown every year, which may pose a problem if an illness, blown coat or
even a temporary financial issue prohibits participation in the sport for a period of time.

It is important that all legislation be examined carefully to see how it could be misused or abused to the
detriment of responsible dog owners. In addition, it is vital that all animal control ordinances contain provisions
allowing dog owners to exercise due process and have violations thoroughly investigated before permanent
action such as surrender, euthanasia or sterilization is mandated. The AKC Government Relations
department is here to help responsible dog owners, breeders, and fanciers read between the lines of these
often-confusing proposals and is happy to assist you in working to protect your rights. 
Sarah Sprouse, Government Relations Manager



As hunters and trappers and fishermen see a White House and federal
agencies stuffed with anti-hunting, anti-gun rights, environmental
extremists and as an unfettered US House and Senate are churning out all
manner of extremist and costly legislation; questions are being raised
about minor things that we ignored for years but which are beginning to
appear as razors that have been quietly slashing our hunting, trapping,
and fishing heritage, traditions, and rights. I speak here of the
federal programs originally known as the Pittman Robertson (1936) and
Dingell-Johnson (1950) Acts.

These two Acts provided that the federal government collect excise taxes
on certain items and that each year these funds be apportioned to all
State fish and wildlife agencies for “Wildlife Restoration” and “Sport
Fish Restoration” projects. Funds for “Wildlife Restoration” are
derived from an 11 percent excise tax on sporting arms and ammunition; a
10 percent tax on pistols and revolvers, one-half of which may be used
by the States for hunter safety programs; and an11-percent excise tax on
bows, arrows, and their parts and accessories. Funds for “Sport Fish
Restoration” are derived from a 10-percent excise tax on certain items
of sport fishing tackle (Internal Revenue Code of 1954, sec. 4161), a
3-percent excise tax on fish finders and electric trolling motors,
import duties on fishing tackle, yachts and pleasure craft, interest on
the account, and a portion of motorboat fuel tax revenues and small
engine fuel taxes. The current annual collections vary from $500
Million to over a Billion considering the ongoing stampede for arms and
ammunition in anticipation of federal government attempts to subvert the
2nd Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America.

These Acts have been manipulated and amended by politicians to name
Amendments after themselves (Wallop-Breaux); to gain votes from certain
blocs like boat owners and archers; and to give favors to ethnic voting
groups like Puerto Ricans and Samoans. Importation of arms and fishing
tackle has made up increasing amounts of these taxed items while federal
bureaucrats have increasingly ignored the collection of these import
taxes and as importers have exploited the indifference of federal
bureaucrats by smuggling (the correct term) such items to competitive
retail outlet stores. While there are strict rules for use of the funds
by state agencies, required 5-year audits and “oversight” by federal
bureaucrats are intermittent, poorly administered, and ideologically
driven by federal and now state bureaucrats enacting agendas aimed
ultimately at destroying hunting, fishing, and trapping. State fish and
wildlife Directors want to be free to please the Governors that appoint
them like offering (illegally) to allow a prison to be built on wildlife
areas or to put wildlife vehicles in state motor pools for use by
others. So, just like federal thieves, state thieves exist and benefit
personally from foregone or slipshod oversight and audits.

All that said, let us focus on the terms “Wildlife” and “Sport Fish” and

- “Wildlife” in the original Act and in the eyes of American citizens
meant deer, turkeys, ducks, pheasants, etc. (i.e. “GAME” animals whether
or not they were present during the Ice Age, were eaten by Sitting Bull,
or were brought over from China or Europe on a sailing ship). The
“sporting” uses were what generated the funds and thus did everyone
understand that game animals were to be the primary beneficiaries of the
funding. The other animals that shared habitats with and benefited from
the MANAGEMENT AND EXISTENCE of the habitats for those game animals were
significant but secondary beneficiaries of much of the projects
generated by the collected taxes. Harmful animals were to be controlled
thus benefiting rural America while other “users” like campers, hikers,
school groups, canoeists, and birdwatchers, etc. were always free to use
the purchased wildlife areas and facilities like boat ramps.

- “Sport Fish” in the original Act was necessary because “Commercial
Fish” and “Marine Fish” were jealously guarded (meaning they generated
employees and funding) functions of the Commerce Department as opposed
the Interior Department where the US Fish and Wildlife Service was
ensconced. Consider for the moment how the Endangered Species Act
divided the whales and seals and porpoises from other “endangered”
animals between the Commerce and Interior Departments. (National Marine
Fisheries Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service always “cooperated”
for environmental benefit like the CIA and FBI always shared info with
other agencies for the common good.)

- Finally, the term “Restoration” always (up until the radical 60’s and
70’s) meant the active “MANAGEMENT” of these desired (i.e. GAME and
SPORT FISH) species to levels, distribution, abundance, and harvest
levels known to previous generations CONSISTENT WITH THE EXPANDING

For the sake of brevity, let me observe that the White House, Congress,
federal agencies, and state agencies have for the past 4 decades hired,
promoted, and encouraged anti-management (of all natural resources),
anti –use (of fish, wildlife, timber, forage, and other resources both
renewable and non-renewable) acolytes of extremist environmental urban
agendas. From destroying property rights to imposing deadly and
destructive animals on an increasingly disarmed rural citizenry,
politicians and bureaucrats have catered to urban voters unaffected by
their work and international agendas to increase federal employment and
power at the expense of State Constitutional authorities, local
government controls, and individual rights.

These politicians and bureaucrats now interpret and write laws and
regulations using our three terms thus:

- “Wildlife” means all “Mother Nature’s (?)” creatures from snakes to
lizards and rats. In fact, since the “Game” animals have gotten so much
over the years we need to treat the other species like women and
minorities under the “Equal” opportunity or employment Acts (i.e. award
lots of “preferences” no matter the results).

- “Sport Fish” should be interpreted very broadly to include the other
fish being eaten by or associated with the “sport fish” and funding of
research should focus on getting money to environmental activist
professors to establish all manner of “ecological” dependence and
connections within the “aquatic community” to justify the broadest
possible use of “Sport” fish project money from destroying dams to
re-establishing “population segments” recently invented at nearby
University Environmental Global Research Centers.

- “Restoration” means just that; “restoration” but not restoration of
abundant game animals: no, “restoration” means restoration of the
imaginary and vaunted “Native Ecosystem”. Therefore, funds do not
necessarily go to the encouragement of desired and useful species as
well as the suppression of harmful animal populations; instead they may
be used for “Invasive” (not necessarily harmful to civilization or the
desired animals – just someone’s idea of what not ought to be)
“Species”, “Introduced Species”, “Native Species” (often very harmful to
game species), etc., etc. The funds can go to whatever destroys hunting
like “Prairie Restoration” in Iowa just South of my home that decimates
pheasant and Hungarian partridge populations or cougar protection that
decreases hunting species, rural safety, animal husbandry, pet
ownership, etc., etc.

While they mumble about the esoteric pristine goals of their agendas,
these environmental and animal rights extremists are ultimately working
to impose an American society where guns, hunting, fishing, trapping and
a whole host of other things from pet ownership to animal husbandry are
forbidden by government fiat. It has been going on for four decades now
and I have been writing about it for 10 years, ever since the Government
Accounting Office found that the US Fish and Wildlife Service had STOLEN
FISH PROGRAMS in a two year period to do two things rejected by Congress
(introducing wolves into Yellowstone and opening a California Office to
collaborate with West Coast radicals) and to pay top managers handsome
bonuses for political pandering. The real kicker was that when the
state agencies were notified, THEY NEVER ASKED FOR THE MONEY TO BE
REPLACED! In other words the anti’s stole millions from OUR fish and
wildlife programs to use to destroy OUR hunting, fishing, and trapping
and OUR (?) state agencies were more beholden to those thieves than to
you and me (and things have only gotten worse since then).

It is my opinion that this decay of our traditions for four decades now
parallels other cultural declines like the loss of parental rights to
teachers and bureaucrats in such areas as same-sex indoctrination, birth
control availability and abortion services; the loss of property rights
resulting in un-Constitutional “Kelo”-takings unlawful impositions on
property owners by governments; the loss of State’s Rights to federal
mandates accompanying funding like transportation and education funds;
the emergence of government-owned businesses; socialized medicine
ostensibly for the poor that will eliminate specialists, force abortion
provisions everywhere thus closing Catholic hospitals and eliminating
Catholic health care providers, lethal rationing of health care to the
very young and the elderly and on and on. We have let lies and
power-hungry individuals enrich themselves by eliminating the very
things that have made this country great. No longer can a local
community prohibit or allow cockfighting pits in accord with their own
local community standards: state and federal laws prohibit it. No
longer can State governments ration or manage natural resources or
regulate gun possession on the gargantuan federal estates within the
State: federal law supersedes them. Duplicitously, the federal
government declares their own helplessness in oppressing American
citizens and their rights by citing voluntarily-signed International and
UN “Treaties” and “Conventions” that only we treat as inviolate.

As the American “barn” of freedom and liberty is burning all around us,
many of us are beginning to take notice of how our “concern” for things
that should never have become government matters and our indifference
because we have been “busy” have led us to this point. Is it too late?
What can we do? God help us because I do not know what to say. The
three terms discussed here are but a symptom of a larger cancer we have
ignored too long.

The theft of our liberties by those who would replace our Constitution
with raw power wielded by themselves is like the attempted bank robbery
by the James-Younger Gang in Northfield Minnesota in September of 1876.
In spite of the fact that there were eight experienced armed robbers
and most townsmen were out hunting prairie chickens – a few ill-armed
townsmen men killed and wounded several of the robbers and with
neighboring posses hunted down all but two that got away. The money was
saved and although a brave clerk was murdered the town survived and
thrives today. Most importantly, NO NORTHFIELD BANK HAS BEEN ROBBED

Americans of every stripe are beginning to see that their rights and
heritage are being stolen and the results are even more catastrophic
than the loss of everyone’s money in an 1876 Minnesota town. For too
long we have been hiding under our beds while these robbers have been
helping themselves to our rights, liberties, traditions, and heritage.
Just as those Minnesota townsmen were deadly serious about their money
and families and town, so too must we become about our rights and
Constitutional government. Jim Beers  7 July 2009

"My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture." JP Goodwin, employed at the Humane Society of the US,
formerly at Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade

The quotes below appear on the NAIA and MyDogMyChoice web sites, among others.


These quotes from people prominent in the AR movement explain their organizational objectives in their own words:

From Wayne Pacelle (President) HSUS
"We would be foolish and silly not to unite with people in the public health sector, the environmental community, [and] unions,
to try to challenge corporate agriculture." (Animal Rights Convention, July 1, 2002)

"Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting." (Bozeman (MT) Daily Chronicle, October 8, 1991)

When asked if he [Pacelle] envisioned a future without pets, "If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold.
In fact, I don't want to see another dog or cat born." (quoted in Bloods
ite: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993).

"We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding.
One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding."
(Animal P
eople, May, 1993)

PETA, Ingrid Newkirk (President)
"There's no rational basis for saying that a human being has special rights. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. They're all animals."
(Washingtonian magazine, August 1, 1986)

"Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation." (Harper's, August 1, 1988)

"The bottom line is that people don't have the right to manipulate or to breed dogs and cats........If they want companionship, they
 should seek it with their own kind." (May 1, 1993)

"There is no hidden agenda? Our goal is total animal liberation." (Animal Rights Convention, June 30, 2002)

"As the surplus of cats and dogs (artificially engineered by centuries of forced breeding) declined, eventually companion animals
would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship--enjoyment at a distance." ("Just Like Us? Toward a
Notion of Animal Rights", Harper's, August 1988).

Other leaders in the Animal Rights movement
"My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture." JP Goodwin, employed at the Humane Society of the US,
formerly at Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade

"Our goal is to make [the public think of] breeding [dogs and cats] like drunk driving and smoking." Kim Sturla, former director of the
Peninsula Humane Society and Western Director of Fund for Animals, stated during
"Kill the Crisis, not the Animals" campaign and workshops, 1991

"Let us allow the dog to disappear from our brick and concrete jungles--from our firesides, from the leather nooses and chains
by which we enslave it." "The cat, like the dog, must disappear... We should cut the domestic cat free from our dominance by
neutering, neutering, and more neutering, until our pathetic version of the cat ceases to exist."
John Bryant, Fettered Kingdoms: An Examination of a Changing Ethic
(Washington, DC: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 1982)

Most communities never think twice about it. However, a recent AKC study discovered that the economic
boon to the community is significant when your town goes to the dogs, or when the dogs come to town.
Estimates on the economic benefits to a community for hosting a dog show range from $319,200 for a
small dog show of less than 1,000 entries to $1,075,200 for a large entry. Of this amount, 74% is on
food and lodging, with the other 26% spent on fuel, clothing and incidentals. So if tourism is withering on
the vine in your community, consider partnering with the local kennel club and see if hosting an AKC dog
show is an option. They can be dog gone fun as well. For more info: See all the spending breakdowns at

Katherine Albrecht radio show with Bill Hemby

before you do anything today, please listen to this interview with Bill Hemby Pet Pac!

Here you will keep abreast of ALL ANIMAL RIGHTS THREATS in the USA!

AKC Government Relations 2009 Legislation Tracking tool

The Monthly National Legislation Report
The Monthly National Legislation Report is published once a month listing available reports of dog and animal legislation in all States and other countries.
Compiled By: Ken Sondej (  & Linda D. Witouski (
Is Rush Limbaugh's cat being held hostage by animal rights extremists?

Posted on the pet-law list by: "Carlotta Cooper"  Tue May 26, 2009 12:53 am (PDT)


Vick and HSUS
Here’s a serious topic today. Michael Vick has been released from
federal prison. Vick has spent the last 19 months in prison for his
role in a dog fighting ring.

ESPN reports: Vick has said he wants to work with the Humane Society
on a program aimed at eradicating dog fighting among urban teens,
society president Wayne Pacelle said Tuesday. Pacelle said he
recently met with Vick at the federal prison in Leavenworth. Vick
requested the meeting, one of his attorneys, said.

The former Atlanta Falcon was charged in 2007 with dog fighting
conspiracy. The court case revealed gruesome details of how Vick’s
Virginia-based operation treated Pitbulls. Authorities found dogs,
some injured and scarred, chained to buried car axles. Forensic
experts discovered remains of dogs that had been shot with a .22-
caliber pistol, electrocuted, drowned, hanged or slammed to the
ground for lacking a desire to fight.

Now as repulsive as Mr. Vick’s actions were I’m afraid that I find
the Humane Society of the United States’ actions pretty disgusting
right now. It may be cynical, but I think we can all guess that Mr.
Vick is probably trying to salvage his career. He lost a contract
with the Falcons worth $130 million plus untold endorsement
possibilities. If ever there was someone in need of some positive
publicity, it’s Michael Vick. Has he learned his lesson? There’s no
way to know. Has he had a change of heart where dogs are concerned?
We just don’t know. But I don’t think that anyone who cares about
animals should ever trust him with one again for the foreseeable future.

But for HSUS to latch on to Vick as a way to raise more money is
about as low as you can go. It makes you wonder if there’s anything
that they won’t do to raise money.

For context you have to remember that HSUS is the organization that
went to work raising money to care for the Michael Vick dogs as soon
as the dogs were seized in 2007 — only it was soon revealed by the
New York Times that HSUS did not actually have custody of the dogs.
They weren’t caring for the dogs at all or paying for their care.
They had simply been using the sympathy for those poor animals as a
way to raise money for their organization. They quickly adjusted
their pitch and started raising money to fight dog fighting instead.

At the same time HSUS was trying to raise money for caring for dogs
they didn’t have, they were telling the media and the court that the
dogs could not be rehabilitated. They urged the court deciding the
fate of the dogs to euthanize them. Wayne Pacelle told the New York
Times in July 2007:

“The fate of these dogs will be up to the government, but we have
recommended to them, and believe, they will be eventually put down.”

Pacelle said the Humane Society normally advocated that fighting dogs
be put down shortly after being seized.

Thankfully, real dog experts convinced the court that the dogs could
be rehabbed and the dogs were dispersed to people with the experience
to work with them. Many of the dogs have since gone on to live very
happy lives since that time.

So, now HSUS wants to go back to Vick again to try to raise more
money from this tragedy? I call that morally reprehensible.
Regardless of what HSUS claims they would do with the money, the
false pretenses involved in raising the funds are just too damning.

The Humane Society of the United States was recently investigated by
WSB-TV (ABC) in Atlanta. You can read a transcript of that report,
which was highly critical of HSUS, at

– CNN’s reporting is available online at:

– HSUS’s false fundraising claim is preserved online at:

For more information about the Humane Society of the United States,
Animal Rights WATCH Archives

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
dmund Burke

"Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny."
"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall
one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." Edmund Burke

One of the greatest delusions of the world is the HOPE that the EVILS of this world are to be CURED BY LEGISLATION.
Thomas B. Reed 1886

 AKC Legislative Alerts for 2009
A must read --- So You're a Dog Breeder John Yates.

From: The Inhumane Crusade, Daniel T. Oliver, Capital Research Center, 1999
Animal Welfare or Animal Rights? Here are some of the differences:

As animal welfare advocates. . .

· We seek to improve the treatment and well-being of animals.

· We support the humane treatment of animals that ensures comfort and
freedom from unnecessary pain and suffering.

· We believe we have the right to "own" animals -- they are our property.

· We believe animal owners should provide loving care for the lifetime of
their animals.

As animal rights activists. . .

· They seek to end the use and ownership of animals, including the keeping
of pets.

· They believe that any use of an animal is exploitation so, not only must
we stop using animals for food and clothing, but pet ownership must be
outlawed as well.

· They want to obtain legal rights for animals as they believe that
animals and humans are equal.

· They use false and unsubstantiated allegations of animal abuse to raise
funds, attract media attention and bring supporters into the movement.


"My whole goal is for humans to have as little contact as possible with animals."
Gary Yourofsky.........PETA Humane Education Lecturer

PETA: Pet Eradicating Terrorists of America
coined February 20, 2009 on the Showdogs-L list by M.E. Papin
(People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Ringo gives HIS opinion on PETA!!!!
(while taking his kiddies to school!)
Note doggie abuse ... MUD PUPPY! *** Ringo's policy --- NO GOOD MUD PUDDLE shall go to WASTE! :)
(OH OKAY ... this really IS Ringo's TApple SMILE!)

And below -- a thought from Amy
"An old article, but a good one! I like his last paragraph - PETA stands for -
People for the Execution of Tame Animals!" 
Amy has a BETTER name for PETA!
People Euthanizing Them All!


PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals


PETA Isn't As Friendly As You Think!

It is less expensive & less intrusive procedure to obtain a concealed
weapon permit in some states then to own a purebred dog!




Re: A Link to raise the pet-law spirits
Posted by: "Erica Saunders" Trinity_25
Wed May 27, 2009 8:20 pm (PDT)
Its the Wall Street Journal's Digital network and I have NO idea how it got there but I'll take it!!!
I think the HSUS Twitter person's head must have exploded when she saw my tweet about it.

HSUS has tested the link today to see if it was real ... twice, and accessed the site a total of 21 times today.
They should know by now that I don't blow smoke. I see there is an increasing pet-law presence on Twitter lately.
Welcome one and all, it is quite the tool. Erica Saunders - Tweet Irony: HSUS tries to roll back the clock!
My blog: Animal Rights or Human Responsibility; Choosing what makes us human. A percentage of proceeds donated to groups fighting Animal Rights Legislation
Damn! The Wall Street Journal no less!! FANTASTIC!!!!


New York Times Ad Condemns Humane Society of the United States for Terror Fundraising
Consumer Group: HSUS Vice President Will Keynote Benefit For Animal-rights Terrorism Group

The original broadcast was also removed by WSB-TV after threats by HSUS lawyers!
WSB-TV (Atlanta) airs daring expose of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
WSB-TV in Atlanta aired a groundbreaking expose of the Humane Society of the United States.

Or try this link if the above link does not work ---


Subject: Attention dog lovers!  PLEASE CROSS-POST
The nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom has learned that the office of Louisiana Attorney General
James "Buddy" Caldwell is considering whether to re-open an investigation into the Humane Society of the
United States (HSUS). The investigation concerns whether HSUS improperly spent some of the $34 million it
raised for the benefit of pets displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
Apparently, Caldwell's office received a deluge of phone calls last week, beginning the day after Atlanta
ABC affiliate WSB-TV aired an exposé of HSUS's fundraising activities. In that report, WSB called HSUS "
an organization actively misleading donors to get money." The TV station also explored just how little of HSUS's
"Katrina" fundraising appears to have been spent on genuine Katrina-related disaster relief.
This was a fabulous piece of journalism on a subject many news outlets have been too intimidated or too biased
to cover. (WSB-TV is working on a follow-up story, but we'll all just have to wait patiently for that.) An anonymous
animal lover has made the video of the May 14 report available at BQGu -- Note that there's no way
to know if HSUS will be successful at continually censoring this video. (At least one previous version was pulled
from YouTube this week after being viewed more than 50,000 times.)
Here's what you can do to help:
(1) CALL the Consumer
Protection Section of the Louisiana Attorney General's Office during regular business hours.
The toll-free number is 800-351-4889. If you live in
Louisiana, please call the local number at 225-326-6465, or the general office number at 225-326-6200.
Tell whoever answers that you would like the Attorney General to reopen the investigation of the Humane Society
of the United States. Remind him/her that there's no official accounting of how HSUS spent most of the $34 million it
raised after Hurricane Katrina. Before you hang up, ask to be transferred to Assistant Attorney General Mimi Hunley.
If you get through to Ms. Hunley, please be polite and make the same request of her or her staff.
(2) Please follow-up with a polite e-mail to ConsumerInfo@ ag.state., and let the A.G.'s office read your request
in your own words. Drop me an e-mail at Martosko@ConsumerFr and let me know how everything went.
(Or just "BCC" me on your follow-up e-mail.)
(3) Share the video of WSB-TV's exposé with your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors.
It remains available (for now) at BQGu -- If this video should disappear, feel free to e-mail me and ask
if another version has popped up anywhere.
(4) If you are able, please consider making a donation to the Center for Consumer Freedom so we can keep putting
pressure on the Humane Society of the United States. We've got some exciting plans for the months ahead, but we
need additional resources to make it all work. For every dollar we raise, HSUS typically raises about $30.
Donations can be made at http://www.consumer donations. cfm and they are tax-deductible to
the extent allowed by law. The Center for Consumer Freedom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Thanks for all you do to provide for animals.
Remember: You are the real animal advocates. And we're on your side.
David Martosko, Director of Research **

Dear Friends of Center for Consumer Freedom:
In recent years we’ve heard from many of you that the Humane Society
of the United States (HSUS) has displaced PETA as the number-one
destructive influence within the “animal rights industry.” We certainly
agree. And today I’m happy to tell you about some good news in that
regard from Atlanta. We worked with WSB (Atlanta’s ABC-TV affiliate)
earlier this spring to put together a sweeps-week exposé of HSUS, and it
aired last night.

We’re hoping that this will be the beginning of a new national awareness
about what the Humane Society of the United States is – and what it isn’t.

WSB-TV called HSUS “an organization actively misleading donors to get
money.” We added that most of the proceeds from HSUS’s massive
fundraising operations don’t benefit homeless cats and dogs: “It’s very
deceptive … [the money] goes to lobbying, it goes to political
contributions, it goes to pay huge staff salaries and benefits.”

As industry continues to discuss the need to portray animal agriculture
in a positive light, it’s worth remembering that there’s genuine value
in negatively re-positioning our adversaries in the public imagination.
(They certainly have it coming.)

This is just a shot across the bow. We’re incubating a few ideas that
have the potential to turn the animal-protection world on its head. If
you’d like more information about what we’re planning, please get in
touch with me, or with Rick Berman.
With Every Good Wish, David Martosko, Director of Research

The Center for Consumer Freedom
1090 Vermont Avenue, NW Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005
tel 202.463.7112
fax 202.463.7107

Bill Hemby of PetPac has the transcript of the WSB-TV HSUS expose up on the PetPac web site at:

It certainly looks like HSUS has WSB on a search and destroy mission to get that story buried.

Hey HSUS? This is really stupid, even for you. You're making your attempt to bury a story that was accurate into a new story,
one that will be even harder to hide.

Hey WSB? You done good putting the story out there. Doesn't the nastiness of the HSUS effort to kill it tell you something
about how badly your expose was needed? How 'bout the fact that no other media outlet had the guts to pick up your story?
American animal lovers have been facing those thugs for years, losing pets, losing breeding programs, losing businesses,
getting years of our lives trashed, all at the hands of the sick animal rights agenda. Under the leadership of HSUS all of
that has accelerated dramatically in the last couple of years. And until you stepped forward we had literally no help from
the forth estate.

You have the deep appreciation of perhaps 100,000 Americans who hadn't heard your call letters two weeks ago. By the
end of this week, the number could easily be in the millions. It demeans your achievement to grovel like this.

You're not the only ones to learn that 'freedom of speech is not free' at the hands of HSUS. Try to find it in your heart to
tell Wayne Pacelle to stuff it. Put the story and video up on your own site again (setting an example to the rest of the
U.S. press!) and I'm sure the other copies will be taken down down. Then give us that follow up, because, trust me, you
have barely scratched the surface of what's nasty and newsworthy about the Humane Society of the U.S.
Be sure to include the details of the HSUS campaign to force you to hide your story in your follow up story.
Walt Hutchens
Timbreblue Whippets

CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR in 34 states if their legislatures pass pending legislation!

In 2007, HSUS had 155 employees and officers that received over $50,000 in annual compensation.
See the following for a more detailed analysis of the 2007 Form 990 and a link to the return:

Officer compensation is in Part V-A and statement 18 of the return.
Employee compensation is in Schedule A, Part I of the return.
"A donation to HSUS does not support the volunteers and staff who are
sheltering and protecting animals in your community. It supports HSUS’
Washington/Hollywood fund-raising machine. John C. (Jack) Fisher"
a wolf in sheep's clothing

“The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal
consideration.” — Michael Fox, former Humane Society of the United
States vice president

I find it hard to believe many of us agree with that kind of extreme
thinking, but if you are a donor to the Humane Society of the United
States (HSUS), you are buying into it. Literally....
NAIA News *** National Animal Interest Alliance

PETA and the Humane Society wants to put an end to this monkey business!
 Sending your donations to PETA & the Humane Society of the United States
guarantees the elimination of moments like this!
Director For ASPCA Commercial Demands Sadder Looking Dogs
April 20, 2009 | Issue 45.17
LOS ANGELES-According to witnesses, commercial director Nathan Foster, 40, is irate over the insufficiently pathetic condition
 of the dogs being used in the 30-second television spot he is directing for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
"These dogs are barely morose, and they need to be f---ing pitiful!" Foster was overheard yelling at his casting coordinator during the shoot.
"They look like they could start frolicking all over the place any minute! You couldn't get me even one mutt with a missing eye or three legs or
something?" At press time, sources said that Foster has ordered production assistants to viciously beat the dogs for several hours so the animals
 can at least cower convincingly.

Photo Credit Anna-Lena Munkvall *** Naptime for Alexander & Damon!
NO CHAMPIONS & BEST FRIENDS GOING TO SWEDEN if 34 states  have their way!!
Check the AKC website to see how AKC fights the battle.
AKC takes donations to cover legal fees.
An EXCELLENT organization who deserves our donations!
They are filing lawsuits!
START HERE ... Join the national list & the list for your state!

The Future of Dogs by Walt Hutchens & OTHER MUST READS!!!


WAYNE PACELLE Quotes - President of HSUS

--- BEWARE ---


Please tell every dog or cat owner you know. Even if you don't have a pet, please pass this to those who do.
Over the weekend the doting owner of two young lab mixes purchased Cocoa Mulch from Target to use in their garden.
They loved the way it smelled and it was advertised to keep cats away from their garden. Their dog Calypso decided
that the mulch smelled good enough to eat and devoured a large helping. She vomited a few times which was typical
when she eats something new but wasn't acting lethargic in any way. The next day, Mom woke up and took Calypso
out for her morning walk . Half way through the walk, she had a seizure and died instantly.

Although the mulch had NO warnings printed on the label, upon further investigation on the company's website,
this product is HIGHLY toxic to dogs and cats. Cocoa Mulch is manufactured by Hershey's, and they claim that 'It is true that
studies have shown that 50% of the dogs that eat Cocoa Mulch can suffer physical harm to a variety of degrees (depending
on each individual dog).. However, 98% of all dogs won't eat it.'

This Snopes site gives the following information:

Cocoa Mulch, which is sold by Home Depot, Foreman's Garden Supply and other Garden supply stores, contains a lethal ingredient
 called ' Theobromine'. It is lethal to dogs and cats. It smells like chocolate and it really attracts dogs. They will ingest this stuff and die.
Several deaths already occurred in the last 2-3 weeks. Theobromine is in all chocolate, especially dark or baker's chocolate which is toxic to dogs.
Cocoa bean shells contain potentially toxic quantities of theobromine, a xanthine compound similar in effects to caffeine and theophylline.
 A dog that ingested a lethal quantity of garden mulch made from cacao bean shells developed severe convulsions and died 17 hours later.
Analysis of the stomach contents and the ingested cacao bean shells revealed the presence of lethal amounts of theobromine.

What we're focusing on here is that the AR movement hates human
CIVILIZATION. The highest creation of mankind, the thing that most
separates us from animals, is what they want to destroy.
Animal rights is mental illness masquerading as philosophy.
Walt Hutchens *** Timbreblue Whippets

What to do if Animal Control comes knocking at YOUR door!

The Center For Consumer Freedom
read the truth here!

Animal Rights or Human Responsibility (AR-HR) Choosing what makes us human


Permission to crosspost.
Today I read an article on, and it made me a little angry at first. But when I got to the end of that article, and saw a link at the
 bottom to PeTA's website, with the heading "No-Kill Animal Shelters--The Alarming Facts Behind No-Kill Shelters & How You Can Help Here!",
I pretty much hit the roof. So I decided to write CNN and give them my opinion. I suggest you all do the same, because until we fight back at
every opportunity, we will continue to be the silent majority. Here is the link to send CNN comments about the article:,
and the article is at
Gail Karamalegos

HSUS Turn in a Breeder Program
This is posted by the NAIA News. Diane Michelsen ESAA Legislative Liaison

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
HSUS Turn In A Breeder Program
Breeders, BEWARE. Yep, I'm talking to ALL breeders...especially those
that have their heads buried in the sand thinking they are above
reproach...The HSUS is taking names and they want YOU. (yes, that
includes the hobby/show breeders too), courtesy of their "Pet Seller
Complaint Form".

BEWARE: If you sell someone a puppy and for whatever reason that person
is not happy with their new little fluffy bundle of joy, YOU can be
turned in to the HSUS!!! Yes, folks, the HSUS has now appointed
themselves "breeder watchdogs"...All a person has to do is download the
6 page form (count 'em **6** pages of forms), fill them out with their
name and contact information and supply the BREEDER'S contact
information, then submit copies of the packet (with all contracts,
registration, medical records, etc) to the following:...

National Animal Interest Alliance

Subject: Turn in a breeder program -- Date: January 21, 2009
A Northern California Breeder's view from her kennel.
Posted with her permission -- she wishes to remain anonymous.

Although I can understand the idea of turning myself in as a good
breeder to the HSUS there are way too many reasons not too. I wish
that there was a way, in writing, to convey the fear that has settled
over the county that I live in. As a breeder we have two legal
options. Have the legal number of dogs that the county allows (4) or
apply for a commercial license. It may seem to be proper to apply for
the license and comply with the law, however, when we helped our board
of supervisors pass this law we were never told of the offshoots of
the law or that AC would try and get to us anyway. They do not go
after the criminals (and there are more than a few here) they hunt
down dog owners with dogs that they can easily market. We can apply
for the kennel license for a minimal fee. We can easily keep our
kennel in alignment with the standards for a commercial license.
However, they neglected to tell us that there would also be county
fees that would not only cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000 and more in
order to comply with the county and that having a commercial license
raises our property taxes...even though the kennel is not really
commercial. So we are screwed if we comply with the county.
Also, having a license does not seem to protect us from AC. Recently a
licensed kennel was raided (without a warrant) and dogs removed. The
owner was threatened that if they did not comply with giving up the
dogs, and not trying to get them back, and not reporting them, that an
adoption of a child that they were working on would be denied. AC has
snuck into backyards, over locked gates, to see if someone has dogs
and how many. They have been caught and nothing has happened to them.
They broke into a house where only a child was present scaring the kid
practically to death. She answered the door because she had been
taught to respect officers, they slammed the door open and marched
right in. Nothing has happened even though a complaint has been filed.
AC parks outside of our homes and watches us with binoculars. We
suspect (and probably rightfully so) that they have gone into homes
and counted dogs while owners were away. The recently hired a "bounty
hunter" for lack of a better term. This man is being paid (from county
coffers that are pretty damn near broke) to follow-up on
advertisements in the area papers. It is his responsibility to "hunt us
down and bring us to justice". I am in the process of removing my
personal plates (ALPHAK9) that I have had for almost 20 years now. I
am stripping all bumper stickers off of my car so that I cannot be
traced. My dogs never go with me to any public events. They go to dog
shows and an occasional kennel club event and then only one at a time.
Most members of our KC have changed to PO Boxes because they were
using our membership roster to "hunt us down and make us legal."
It does not matter if we are legal or not, AC is trying to stamp us out.
I have nightmares, almost nightly, of AC and the measures they are
using. My husband has looked me in the eye and told me to just get
legal (not get a license, get rid of dogs). I can't move, nothing in
this county is going to sell and then where would I move where this
isn't coming to next. I am not planning on breeding a litter because I
can't sell puppies...I won't have anyone coming to my house that might
turn me in...I don't know everyone. In order to continue to live here
I must live in secret or begin putting my dogs down...and there is no
way in hell that is going to happen. To "turn myself in to HSUS" by filling
out their form is like shooting myself. They will find me. I suppose I sound
paranoid but this is a very scary place to live if you have dogs. Not just dogs...
AC decides which horses are "in distress" and threatens owners there too.
This is a free country?

NOT WANTED in Palm Beach, LA, Louisville, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio,
Houston, Virginia .... Is
YOUR city or state next?????
We LOVE  a license plate we saw at the Brooksville Florida shows issued in Tennessee.
(a state who is now, in 2009, considering demonizing dog breeders and owners)
The plate is decorated with a paw print & two words  - PET FRIENDLY!
Now that's an idea! PET FRIENDLY states & proud to say it on their plates!
Why don't WE, the fancy, introduce PET FRIENDLY legislation!
States can sell personalized plates that declare their state PET FRIENDLY!
States can WELCOME all venues of animal competition.
They can WELCOME all pet lovers, fanciers & breeders!
We pump billions of dollars each year into the US economy!
(WHO buys the RVs , travel trailers & horse trailers Elkhart Indiana?????)
The States should FIGHT for our dog shows & for our dollars!
The state economies should love us!

If Palm Beach has it's way, beautiful companions will exist only in the history books.

DONATIONS TO PETA & Humane Society GUARANTEE no more happy moments on the beach!
Photo credit Dianne Escalada ** West Palm Beach Florida
Dianne & other Thornapples are in the fight of their lives against the TYRANNY OF PALM BEACH COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL!!!!

Teen punks murder American hero's dog
Apparently a group of scum bag teens were big fans of Michael Vick, because 'for fun' they have been driving around Texas shooting dogs. As if shooting dogs wasn't horrible enough, one of the dogs they executed belonged to an American hero -- Marcus Luttrell. The dog, named Dasy (each letter representing one of Luttrell’s fallen team members) had been given to him to help him with the healing process after going through absolute hell in Afghanistan (see Lone Survivor). Needless to say, this dog meant absolutely everything to him. Marcus heard the gunshot, saw the punks and chased them until he finally caught them. These wastes of skin are only alive because Marcus let them live. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)
>>FOX NEWS tonight at 5pm: Glenn publicly shames these dirt bags who kill dogs for fun by showing their pictures---and Marcus will be a special guest as he tells the full story of what happened.

Glenn Beck Email Newsletter * Monday April 6th *
Below is an email we sent to Glenn Beck regarding the above segment on the Glenn Beck Show April 6th.
Glenn commented on his show that his staff called PETA to ask them to watch tonight.
Glenn believes PETA cares about what what happened to Dasy. Below are our comments to Glenn.
Excellent piece Glenn and staff!
However, you should know that PETA will come down on the side of the scumbag murderers.
Nothing makes PETA happier then to kill stray & "rescued" dogs, puppies, cats and kittens ...
and yes even the ONE and only chicken who ended up in PETA custody in 2008.
PETA killed a record # of animals in 2008!!!! Read it here.

Peta is EVERY BIT as dangerous as the 4 thugs who shot Dasy! PETA does not belong on the streets
of the United States Of America. Pet owners, purebred dog breeders and fanciers are in the fight of
their lives in this country. There is a war being waged against pet ownership in this country.
It is a war that has gone unnoticed and unreported.

Thank you for your good work! Our family never misses a show. Ellen Brandenburg Thornapple Aussies
April 7, 2009 ---- email Glenn Beck !!!  Let Glenn know that he's barking up the wrong tree!
PETA does NOT rescue animals -- PETA KILLS animals!
PETA -- THEY TOO are the dirt bag punk scumbags Glenn!
April 7, 2009

On Today’s Program

Marcus talks about another tragic loss...
Marcus talked with Glenn on TV last night about the tragic loss of his dog, Dasy. She was a yellow lab given to him as a puppy and she was 'like a daughter' to Marcus. He lost her when some dirt bag punk kids were out joy riding and shooting animals and murdered her. One of these scumbags -- Michael Edmonds ( pictured here) is still on the run. PETA is offering a reward for his apprehension -- if you have any information call (936) 435-0152 and ask for Sgt. Steven Jeter.  Glenn talks about the circumstances and why this is especially painful ( Transcript, Insider Audio) on radio today, you can watch Marcus describe the tragic incident on TV with Glenn here.


against purebred dogs & pet ownership by PETA & the Humane Society!
Who is going to tell Zachary that Chevy may be the last purebred dog he will cuddle with? 

CH Thornapple Diamonds N Spurs "Reno" * Best of Breed * Westminster Kennel Club * 2000
PETA Stages KKK Protest at the Westminster Kennel Club Show
With the assault & demonization of breeders & purebred dogs by PETA & HSUS, we would like to THANK USA Network & CNBC
for NOT caving to pressure by these groups to NOT air the Westminster Dog Show! A HUGE THANK YOU to the following
advertisers who support the Westminster Dog Show!!!!
Pedigree Dog Foods - Military One Source - Scotch Fur Fighter by 3M - Acuvue - Disney - Comcast - Pledge Fabric Sweeper
 - Therma Care Heat Wraps - Singulair by Merck - WWE Raw - MasterCard - Toyota Venza - - Petco -
One Touch Blood Glucose Meters by Lifescan - Lectric Shave - Gold Bond Medicated Lotion

Westminster Kennel Club Show Results & Breed Judging Video
Click on shows - Red Eye - Ku Klux Klan Comparison or search videos for Ku Klux Klan Comparison
PETA article in Toronto Sun

"In the end, I think it would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of pets altogether."
Ingrid Newkirk President of People for the Ethical treatment of Animals

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the
most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under
omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep,
his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our
own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of
their own conscience." -C.S. Lewis

'Laws against something 'that other guy' does will eventually get
US because we are all someone's 'other guy.'  Walt Hutchens, 2007

'No man's property is safe when the legislature is in session' Mark Twain 1866

'Government should  stand on your side --- not in your way.'
John McCain (a dog & pet owner/lover!) *** September 4, 2008

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this,
the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step
into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our
children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that
could be done. Ronald Reagan

  Those who give up freedom to obtain security deserve neither (paraphrased) --
Benjamin Franklin

 You should not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered,
 but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harm it would cause if improperly administered.
Lyndon Johnson

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.
Gerald Ford, Presidential address to a joint session of Congress (12 August 1974)

"Since when do we have to agree with people to defend them from injustice?"
Lillian Hellman, playwright (1905-1984)

"It must not be forgotten that it is especially dangerous to enslave men in the minor details of life.
For my own part, I should be inclined to think freedom less necessary in great things than in little ones."
Alexis de Tocqueville, "Democracy in America"

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.
Thomas Jefferson

Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
Thomas Jefferson

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
George Washington

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
George Washington

Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.
George Washington

The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.
Thomas Jefferson

One of the greatest delusions of the world is the HOPE that the EVILS of this world are to be CURED BY LEGISLATION.
Thomas B. Reed 1886

It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be
read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant
changes that no man who knows what the law is today can guess what it will be to-morrow. James Madison (likely), Federalist No. 62, 1788
He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their substance.

The rights of the individuals are restricted only to the extent that
they have been voluntarily surrendered by the citizenship to the
agencies of government. City of Dallas v Mitchell, 245 S.W. 944

One of the greatest delusions of the world is the HOPE that the EVILS of this world are to be CURED BY LEGISLATION.
Thomas B. Reed 1886

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
Thomas Jefferson

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The makers of our Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness. They recognized the significance of man's
spiritual nature, of his feelings and of his intellect. They knew that only a part of the pain, pleasure and satisfactions of life are to be found in
material things. They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions and their sensations. They conferred, as against
the government, the right to be let alone - the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men. To protect that right, every
unjustifiable intrusion by the government upon the privacy of the individual, whatever the means employed, must be deemed a violation of the
Fourth Amendment. And the use, as evidence in a criminal proceeding, of facts ascertained by such intrusion must be deemed a violation of the Fifth.
--Justice Louis Brandeis OLMSTEAD v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438 (1928)

In our country are evangelists and zealots of many different political, economic and religious persuasions whose fanatical conviction
is that all thought is divinely classified into two kinds -- that which is their own and that which is false and dangerous.
-- Justice Robert H. Jackson (1892-1954), U. S. Supreme Court Justice

For him that is joined to all living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion. Ecclesiastes 9:4




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Forward: [BreederLawsAndEthics] DEBATE: Dogs & Politics
Posted by: "Elizabeth Brinkley"
Tue Jun 2, 2009 3:31 pm (PDT) * Permission to cross post by author!
He is an author of many dog books and publishing many articles.
The Hoax of the Animal Radicals Movement **** Dr. Al Grossman
The ringing sound of the old fashioned cash register meant a sale had
been made and that money was now in the till. Money, Money the
mother¹s milk of politics as described by Jesse Unruh, a former
speaker of the California Assembly when running for election against
Ronald Reagan.

Let¹s face it, the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) through their
very professional fund raising campaigns has raised millions of dollars
through misleading advertising and an appeal to save the poor darling
Puppies, Seals etc. Would it come as a surprise to you that most of the
money collected never found its way to help anyone but the
administrators of the fund raising companies and the top brass of HSUS.
HSUS is listed near the very bottom of charitable organizations that
deliver monies to the actual recipients in need.

It appears that HSUS main thrust at the present time is to work hand in
glove with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to
introduce legislation at the National, City, County, and State levels to
destroy both the livestock industry and the breeding of Pure Bred Dog
and Cats. According to a profile in a 2003 New Yorker magazine Ingrid
Newkirk, the president of PETA, by her own claims, wants to destroy all
pets. She claims to be responsible for euthanizing thousands of pets
brought to a shelter where she worked in Washington, D.C. She explained
"I would go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just
kill the animals myself. I must have killed a thousand of them,
sometimes dozens every day." They weren¹t even given a chance to be
adopted. She took them out because she felt she could give them what she
felt they deserved. This is a woman now in a position to influence the
lives of thousands of pets and who leads a horde of vengeance minded
brain washed bleeding heart converts. She is interviewed on radio and
television as though she is the avenging angel rather than a demented

If this were a nurse killing off her patients because she thought it was
for their own good, she would be serving a life sentence for murder. The
State of Virginia is so disgusted with Newkirk and her organization and
their killing of dogs and cats that they have introduced legislation to
declare PETA a slaughterhouse. Debra J Saunders writing in the San
Francisco Chronicle on June 23rd, 2005 tells us not to be fooled by the
slick propaganda of PETA. The organization may claim to be champion the
welfare of animals, as the many photos of cute puppies and kittens on
its Web site suggest.

But recently two PETA employees were charged with 31 felony counts of
animal cruelty, each after authorities found them dumping the dead
bodies of 18 animals they had just picked up from a North Carolina
Animal Shelter into a dumpster. According to the Associated Press 13
more dead animals were found in a van registered to PETA

The rise of HSUS and PETA has coincided with the economic boom. It
allowed them to collect obscene amounts of money thus fulfilling the
fantasies of Newkirk and Wayne Pacellle president of HSUS. Their
thoughts must have been: "if we can collect all this money we must be on
the right track so we can do what we want". The Center for Consumer
Freedom, which represents the food industry, a frequent target of PETA
campaigns, released data filed by PETA with the state of Virginia that
shows PETA has killed more than 10,000 animals form 1998-2003. "In 2003,
PETA euthanized over 85% of the animals it took in.," said a press
release from the lobby, "finding adoptive homes for just 14%. By
comparison the Norfolk (VA) SPCA found adoptive homes for 73% of its
animals and Virginia Beach SPCA adopted out 66 percent."

Like other demagogies in our history like Father Coughlin, The Kingfish
Huey Long in Louisiana, the John Birch Society, etc., they have had
their day in the sun.

Their biggest asset is the need for government entities to generate
monies to balance their budgets. HSUS/PETA present them with the
opportunity to raise money from the backs of dog and cat owners by
onerous legislation designed by HSUS to rid the nation of all pets and
convert us to being vegetarians as well. Legislators seeing $$ signs go
along with HSUS lobbyists and think that this action will get them
reelected. Far from it. The legislator in California who introduced and
promoted AB 1634 for its passage was soundly defeated in his next
election. The animal radical fanatics appeal to legislators is that they
purport to be able to rally a large voting bloc. If they don't go along
it's implied that the voting bloc can be turned against them. However, a
poll taken by the Los Angeles Times indicated that over 80% of the
people polled were solidly against the thrust of the anti dog/ cat
legislation, which mandated spaying and neutering their pets. These poll
results has been replicated elsewhere. In May 2009 the American
Veterinary Medical Association also came out against the mandatory
spay/neuter programs promoted by HSUS/PETA insisting that if it were to
be done it should be done by private owners at their request.

States and localities which earlier has passed such severe anti dog/cat
legislation and which significantly raised the fees for owning such
animals found that their costs for running such programs swelled far
above the revenues produced and they were in the red. People rebelled by
not licensing their dogs at the exorbitant fees spelled out in the
legislation. Somehow word had not spread to the august bodies approving
such legislation that their constituents were downsized, laid off, or
forced into bankruptcy by the current economic situation. Talk about
squeezing blood from a turnip

Adding insult to injury the Animal control officers have taken it upon
themselves to use their newfound authority supposedly granted to them
under legislation to harass and threaten people to seize their dogs or
jail them if they did not comply. Somehow either the legislative bodies
or their agents are not aware of the United States Constitution which,
under the Fourth Amendment, "provides the right of people to be secure
in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable
searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall
issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and
particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or
things to be seized." The fifth amendment reads in part "nor shall any
person be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process
off law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without
just compensation. "

Many of the raids upon unsuspecting owners and breeders seem to have
HSUS members in attendance. They have no business directing the Animal
Control officers in their duties. Many of the dogs seized are then sold
with no recompense to the owner.

Increasingly the agricultural industry, hunting enthusiasts and the
dog/cat breeders have fought back against the onslaught of PETA and
HSUS. In many instances they have turned back legislation and in some
cases competent counsel has been hired to fight such onerous legislation
such as that passed by the city of Louisville. The National Animal
Interest Alliance (NAIA), a seventeen-year- old non-profit organization
along with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the ASPCA and a host of
other organizations has led the fight against the Animal Radicals.

HSUS and PETA are not friends to pet owners, breeders or pet business of
any kind, nor to reptile or bird owners, hunters, fisherman, pet stores,
pet retail sellers, ANYONE in the pet trade regardless of what you are
selling. The HSUS would like to stop the pet trade in its entirety
because the HSUS doesn¹t believe animals should be owned much less
used as a food product according to Pet DefenseWordpress. com

An important consequence of the current recession is that people are no
longer contributing to charities and the likes of HSUS/PETA at the rate
they did prior to the downturn in the economy. We see report after
report that the giving well has dried up. Even churches have suffered.
People no longer have disposable income to give to the likes of
HSUS/PETA. These organizations now need to reevaluate their priorities.
Can they afford to have as many lobbyists to help forward their
legislative agendas? Can they afford to spend monies on costly
solicitation campaigns that are bringing less and less money? Can they
continue to afford costly newspaper ads in newspapers that have fewer
subscribers and are in danger of going out of business themselves?

The Animal Radical stalwarts might also want to be aware of what they
wish for. The last times such activism won the day was when they banned
alcohol consumption and the teaching of evolution. Those triumphs all
turned out to be Pyrrhic. There are some successes that are simply not
survivable. If by any combination of luck and coincidence HSUS/PETA
succeeded in criminalizing the raising of dogs and cattle it would
swiftly become the victim of backlash that would make it rue the day.
This would apply with redoubled force to any imitative that would make
the United States trade its hard-won scientific prowess in favor of
animal radical fanatics.

Christopher Hitchens writing in the April 6th issue of Newsweek believes
that this country is so constituted that no one group and certainly no
one confessional group is able to dictate its own standards to the
others. He states, "sometimes he wishes they would get their own way,
just so that they would find out what would happen to them

HSUS/PETA are a danger to our way of life and a threat to the economic
future of agriculture in this country. They are hell bent on eliminating
raising dogs and cats for pets and want to convert all of us from meat
eaters to vegetarians. Lord, I hade Broccoli, Spinach and Carrots.

The BUTCHER of Norfolk
The Butcher of Norfolk
March 27, 2009 by Nathan J. Winograd
The blog I write is about reforming animal sheltering in the United States. It is about ending the systematic killing of animals
in these pounds. But this particular blog isn't about sheltering. This isn't about the battle between the No Kill philosophy and its
eventual conquest over regressive, kill-oriented approaches. This isn't about a lazy, inept, or uncaring shelter director who fails
to hold his or her staff accountable. It isn't about shelters that kill animals because doing so is easier than putting in place the
 programs and services to stop it. This is about something more nefarious. This is about something truly insidious. This is about a
bully who seeks out animals to kill. This is about the creation of death squads that actively go into communities with the specific
 purpose of finding dogs and cats to kill. And this is about a movement that has utterly failed to defend the innocent animals being
slaughtered. This blog is about Ingrid Newkirk, the President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This is about
an animal killing, arrogant, disturbed person. And enough is enough. Since 1998, PETA has killed over 20,000 animals. Over one
year ago, I wrote a blog opining that the reason PETA slaughters virtually every animal it seeks out and "impounds" has more to
do with Ingrid Newkirk´s dark impulses than with any ideology, philosophy, or belief in overpopulation. This followed a staggering
97% kill rate for animals in 2006, despite millions of animal loving members, a world-wide reach, and a budget of tens of millions
of dollars. It followed the killing of 1,942 out of 1,960 cats they impounded. It followed the deaths of 988 out of the 1,030 dogs
they impounded. It followed the killing of 50 of the 52 rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals they took in. It followed the killing
of the one and only chicken they impounded. That blog earned me a letter from PETA´s attorney threatening litigation for
defamation. Then came the 2007 numbers showing a 91% rate of killing-the killing of 1,815 of the 1,997 animals they impounded.
And so I reran the blog. And now we have the 2008 figures and the slaughter-the needless, senseless, evil slaughter-continues
with an equally staggering 96% kill rate. A paltry seven dogs and cats were adopted. A paltry 34 were transferred to an SPCA
whose fates are not known. And out of 2,216 dogs and cats impounded, the rest were systematically put to death by PETA.
Killed: 555 of the 584 dogs.
Killed: 1,569 of the 1,589 cats.
PETA has argued that all of the animals it kills are "unadoptable." In fact, PETA´s attorney stated that in his letter threatening a
defamation lawsuit if I did not back down. But this claim is a lie. It is a lie because the numbers historically come from the State of
Virginia´s reporting form which only asks for data for animals taken into custody "for the purpose of adoption." It is a lie because
PETA refuses to provide its criteria for making that determination. It is a lie because rescue groups and individuals have come forward
stating that the animals they gave PETA were healthy and adoptable. It is a lie because testimony under oath in court from a veterinarian
showed that PETA was given healthy and adoptable animals who were later found dead by PETA´s hands, their bodies unceremoniously
thrown away in a supermarket dumpster. And it is a lie because Newkirk herself admitted as much. In a December 2, 2008 interview with George
Stroumboulopoulos of the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Stroumboulopoulos asks Newkirk: "Do you euthanize those pets, the adoptable
ones, if you get them?" To which Newkirk responds: "If we get them, if we cannot find a home, absolutely." In short, Newkirk admits that PETA
"absolutely" kills savable animals. Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Why does the animal protection movement tolerate this woman? No other
movement would allow someone to remain in her position without a massive outcry and public condemnation when their actions are so counter,
so anathema to their movement´s foremost principles. The child protection movement would not allow someone who kills children to run an
organization dedicated to children´s rights. The human rights movement would not allow some who kills people to run any of their organizations.
But the animal rights movement-a movement founded on the principle that animals have a right to life-allows a very public, avowed, shameless
animal killer to run an animal rights organization. And with the exception of Friends of Animals, the rest of the nation´s animal rights groups
remain deafeningly silent about it. As if that was not shameful enough, others go further and actually embrace her. The groups which organize
the Animal Rights Conference inducted her into their Animal Rights Hall of Fame. Wayne Pacelle and HSUS have allowed her and her pro-killing
apologists to give workshops at their national conference, HSUS Expo, to promote PETA´s ghastly vision of killing.

So a notice to all would be animal killers out there. One way to avoid the condemnation by the animal rights/welfare community for your vile
actions is to start an animal rights group yourself and use that group as your cover for killing. Because they won´t stand up to you. There will be
no campaign to bring you down. They will kowtow to your power and your position. You will become their colleague. Some will look the other way.
But others will induct you into their hall of fame. Still others will ask you to present workshops at their national conference. If history teaches us
anything, however, it is that the only way to stop a bully is to stand up to one. The only thing that will stop Newkirk is challenging Newkirk and
calling her killing for what it is: the nefarious acts of a disturbed person. Because that´s how history will remember and condemn her, despite
the aura of legitimacy her untoward actions now receive from her Board of Directors, the Humane Society of the United States, the groups
who promote the Animal Rights Conference, and the other groups which tolerate her leadership position through their silence. While those who
now dare to call Newkirk´s slaughter for what it is may be threatened with litigation, or be attacked in other ways, history will vindicate them,
as it always does for those who-despite the personal costs-defend what is right by challenging tyrants. While those who remained silent in the
face of these atrocities-the hypocritical leaders of other organizations who take her telephone calls, shake her hand, stand side-by-side with her,
and take personal pride in their association with her-will someday have to answer for this complicity, and will face the shame that comes with
answering "nothing" when asked what they did to stop Newkirk´s bloody reign at PETA. Because engrave this in stone: As soon as Newkirk and
her pro-killing cultish devotees are gone, PETA will immediately, completely, and without reservation embrace the No Kill philosophy and become
one of its leading champions. When that happens; when her actions are thoroughly and completely seen by everyone for what they truly are;
when she is condemned and finally, finally, thankfully, finally, we don't have to hold our breath, clench our teeth, shake with rage, or cry at the
thought of what PETA did to those poor animals, we will all be left wondering just what took us so damned long to rise up and stop this villain in
our midst. So here it is again: Round 3. Munchausen by PETA. My opinion.
Munchausen by PETA?
In search of a diagnosis as to why Ingrid Newkirk and PETA seek out animals to kill. And a plea for the movement to stop them so that they won´t
continue killing. In 2006, an official report from People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shows that they took in 3,043 animals, of which
1,960 were cats, 1,030 were dogs, 52 were other companion animals, and one was a chicken. Of these, they killed the chicken, killed 1,942 cats,
988 dogs, and 50 classified as "other companion animals." They found homes for only 2 cats, 8 dogs and 2 of the other  companion animals. By the numbers:
* PETA killed 1,942 of the 1,960 cats, finding homes for only 2.
* PETA killed 988 of the 1,030 dogs finding homes for only 8.
* PETA killed 50 of the 52 other companion animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.), finding homes for only 2.
* PETA killed the chicken they took in.
That´s a 97% kill rate. (This was based on PETA´s own reporting to the Commonwealth of Virginia, which only requires "recordkeeping and reporting of
 only those animals taken into custody... for purposes of adoption.") Despite $30 million in revenues, they found homes for only 12 animals. An additional
21 cats and 25 dogs were transferred to another agency (likely a kill shelter since PETA has a "policy against No Kill shelters.") The rest were put to death.
Why? I've tried to explain it by the simple observation that the founder of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, formerly held a job killing homeless dogs and cats at the
Washington Humane Society, a shelter with a consistently poor record for saving lives and the subject of historical public acrimony for its over-reliance on
killing. But, in my opinion, there appears to be something more disturbing going on here than Newkirk´s history. It can't simply be explained by catch phrases
like "they are hypocrites" and "they don't really care." Those are terms which No Kill proponents may use to describe Newkirk´s and PETA´s position on killing
dogs and cats, but they don´t explain it. Nor is this simply a disagreement between No Kill supporters and traditional "catch and kill" proponents. That is the
debate going on with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), where their reputations and donations are being threatened. But with PETA, there
appears to be something much more nefarious at play. While Newkirk tries to shield her actions by wrapping them in the language of opposition to "No Kill,"
PETA neither has an animal control contract, nor do they operate as a rescue group. Any effort to offer a lifesaving alternative to killing is dismissed as
"no clue" or "warehousing animals" and any dissent by employees or volunteers is allegedly punished by termination or ousting from the group. In talking
with an ex-PETA employee, he indicated that during a staff meeting, he was subjected to a PETA video of this kind (No Kill equals hoarding). Having lived in
San Francisco during the 1990s when No Kill was in its heyday there and the San Francisco SPCA the nation´s premier shelter, he openly questioned the
veracity of the information and was asked to his supervisor's office and terminated. Why? The closest analogy or explanation that I have found which
appears to fit is the same phenomenon that causes nurses to kill their patients, some offshoot of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome (See Attack of the
Killer Nurses: A look at a curious phenomenon - nurses who kill their patients, National Review, May 28, 2001). In the typical case, the nurse or caregiver
kills the patients with lethal injections. They often claim they act from "compassion for their ailing victims," because they want "to end their suffering,"
and because they and their colleagues are "severely overburdened." In their minds, they are the heroes and those who try to stop them are turning
their backs on their patients. The corollary to PETA´s language about "Euthanasia: The Compassionate Option," about "overburdened" shelter workers,
and about giving animals what Newkirk calls "the gift of euthanasia," and how "it was the best gift they've ever had," is eerily similar. In her case, she
also believes she is the hero and those who try to stop her are turning their backs on the animals. (She recently blasted a No Kill supporter by stating:
 "How dare you pretend to help animals and turn your back on those who want an exit from an uncaring world!") Indeed, Newkirk-through-PETA says
that blaming shelters for killing animals is like blaming hospitals for killing patients. Is Newkirk trying to tell us something? Unfortunately, I have no
psychological evaluation to support such a diagnosis, except for similarity of language and the acts themselves: the fact of the killing, the death squads,
the indoctrination against No Kill, the hateful denunciation of No Kill, and the proactive efforts to stop communities from trying to embrace No Kill principles.
So what is it? (PETA-apologists have suggested that Newkirk has seen terrible suffering and worries about animals, but this is nothing more than Orwellian
 double-speak. I was a prosecutor. I've seen and handled cases involving torture, child rape, murder, arson of animals, and other acts of unspeakable cruelty.
I was also an animal control director in a shelter which investigated and prosecuted horrific crimes against animals. I've seen terrible suffering to which is
 why I want to end it, regardless of whether it comes at the hands of a single abuser or systematically by killing) We may never know. But what we do
know and what I can say is that animal rights and animal welfare groups should reject this point of view and actively campaign against it not only for the
dogs and cats PETA will kill in the future and whose interests they theoretically exist to protect, but because it undermines our movement´s credibility
when we either ignore the atrocities PETA is committing against animals, or make excuses for it simply because those perpetrating them claim to be part
of our movement. Moreover, PETA´s position that animals in shelters do not have a right to live subverts the entire foundation upon which all social justice
movements are inherently based. The right to life is universally acknowledged as a basic or fundamental right. It is basic or fundamental because the
enjoyment of the right to life is a necessary condition of the enjoyment of all other rights. A movement cannot be "rights" oriented as PETA claims to
be and ignore the fundamental right to life. If an animal is dead, the animal´s rights become irrelevant. Not only does PETA not acknowledge the right
to life, they have rejected it saying that they "do not believe in right to life," as it relates to dogs and cats. Of more immediate concern, it is the
relationship between Americans and their animal companions that can open a door to larger animal rights issues. In their daily interactions with their
dogs and cats, people experience an animal´s personality, emotions, and capacity both for great joy and great suffering. They learn empathy for animals.
It is not a stretch that someone who is compassionate-and passionate-about their pets would over time and with the right information be sympathetic to
animal suffering on farms, in circuses, in research facilities, and elsewhere. Right now, however, the nation´s largest self-proclaimed "animal rights"
group is actively working to ensure that that door is never opened-by actively and proactively arguing that dogs and cats do not have the right to life,
and that killing them is an act of kindness. In my opinion: It is beyond ironic. It is beyond hypocritical. It is beyond a betrayal. It is beyond obscene.
Regardless of whether you believe in "animal rights" or you don't; regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or not; regardless of where you stand on
animal issues unrelated to animal sheltering, I believe PETA´s position is insane. And despite the fact that PETA´s annual killing of thousands of dogs
and cats has been common knowledge among the leaders of our nation´s animal welfare and animal rights groups for years, most of these so-called
"leaders" have chosen to look the other way. In fact, HSUS invites Newkirk and her cronies to give presentations at their national animal sheltering
conference. Two years ago, Newkirk gave a video presentation on what amounted to why Pit Bulls should be killed and this year, one of her devotees
will share PETA´s strategy for how to engage in "damage control" and "public relations spin" when a shelter or community which kills is challenged by
No Kill proponents. Why are groups like HSUS supporting her? Do they hate the movement to end the systematic killing of shelter animals which
No Kill represents so much that they are willing to embrace a person and organization this zealous in support of the killing of dogs and cats? The
"enemy of my enemy is my friend" can't be it, can it? Is HSUS so threatened by No Kill that they are willing to embrace an organization which appears
to be working to undermine their other platforms? With friends like these, the animals truly do not need enemies. In my opinion, PETA´s position on
killing of dogs and cats is irresponsible. But as to the question of why they do it, I am not a psychiatrist and I very much doubt that Newkirk and her
followers will submit to a psychological evaluation. As a result, I am afraid I have no clear answer, though my personal opinion leans toward Newkirk
suffering from the mental illness of Munchausen by Proxy. And if I am correct, she will never stop killing until she is forced to. PETA´s Board of
Directors, PETA employees, other animal welfare groups, and animal rights activists need to stop drinking the Ingrid Newkirk Kool-Aid. They must
stop making excuses for the killing of animals. They need to openly reject views that need to be explained in the pages of the Journal of Psychiatry.
And, if they are to protect the thousands of animals whose lives are at future risk from PETA, they must work to remove the political cover provided
by her association with PETA which allows Ingrid Newkirk to continue to act on what I believe are deeply disturbing impulses that result in animals
being killed. Please note: The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the writer and no one else, nor any agency or organization. The author
is an attorney and notes that the communications are protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Any attempt to infringe on that
right, whether actual or threatened, will be considered a strategic lawsuit against public participation.

34 state legislatures wants an end to this nonsense above!
Their plan ... give power to Animal Control to seize & kill your show dog!

What Can You Do If Spay/Neuter
Mandate Comes To Your Town?
Also Breed-Specific Laws, Pet Limits, Tethering Bans
American Sporting Dog Alliance

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From: "John Yates" Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 ** Subject: HSUS On The March Against Dog Owners HSUS Off To Fast Start In 2009
Beware Bills Introduced In NJ, NY, ME, FL, MN, IL, CA, CO, VA, MT And Expect Legislation Soon In TX, MA, WI, MI, IN, OH, OK, AZ, NM
by JOHN YATES American Sporting Dog Alliance
This article is archived at:
Dog owners will face unprecedented and potentially devastating challenges in 2009, and it will take dedication and commitment to protect our rights.
 Sitting on the sidelines simply is not an option. It will take standing up and making your voice count. The radical Humane Society of the United States (HSUS),
buoyed by the victories of 95% of the state and federal candidates it endorsed in the November general election, has struck quickly in 2009 with legislation in
 10 states that would severely restrict the rights of dog owners. Our sources also tell us that HSUS-anointed legislation will be introduced shortly in at least nine
more states. HSUS has launched this full-court press in only three weeks, and dog owners must act quickly and decisively or they will be overwhelmed.

Join the Fight to Save our Sport!
Vote the politicians with an AR agenda OUT of office!
And do NOT vote new AR activist politicians in!!


Texas Legislation Would Restore
Constitution For Animal Owners
Please Support House Bill 1046 To Fight Against Robbery Of Rights For Seizures, Forced Euthanasia
by JOHN YATES -- American Sporting Dog Alliance
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photo credits Kathryn Ross- Nash