AppleDance Jewels

Australian Shepherd Jewelry
Australian Shepherd Jewelry Design by Amy Garrison

This is it!!!!! Amy's donation to the 2010 USASA National Specialty Auction!
Dendric Agate, Iolite, Mother of Pearl, Blister Pearl. 41/8" long x 1 4/16" wide Comes with 18" sterling silver 3mm wide rope
chain. This beautiful AppleDance pendant will be auctioned at the USASA National Specialty Banquet on Wednesday April 28th.
The proceeds benefit the USASA Junior Handling Program.

APPLEDANCE Jewels traveling to the United States Australian Shepherd Association National Specialty!
Click on the Facebook link below to view Amy's latest gems!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following HIGH BIDDERS at the USASA Junior Foundation Auction!
Dichroic Glass Pendant, donated by Jenny Poe. SOLD - $50.00 James R. Moore

Grooming Jacket, donated by: Jodie Weber SOLD - $45 Jennifer Hail

Leather braided & beaded show lead, donated by: Sharon Fontanini. SOLD - $200 Kim Schmidt (Canada!)

Glass Plate, donated by Cathy Haverdink. SOLD $150 J. Kelsey Jones (Montrose)

Framed Oil Painting, donated by: Barbara Applegate. SOLD $80 Brenda Boell & John Hinricksen

Gemstone/Silver Pendant & Necklace, donated by Amy Garrison. SOLD $500 Jennifer Hail

Original Logo Painting, donated by: Paula Waterman. SOLD $700 Bob & Nadine Grady

Painted Jewelry Box, donated by: Rhonda I. McKinnie. SOLD $100 Jacqueline (Jax) Campbell (Clearfire Aussies)

Heart Shaped Silver Aussie Head Pendant, donated by: 14K-9, Inc. SOLD $125 Laurie Thompson

Aussie afghan, donated by: Lisa Hall. SOLD $90 Cathy Cole (Canada!)

Silver Jewelry Aussie Pendant, donated by: GoldNAussie. SOLD $400 Jamie & Jaki Clute

Braided Leather & Beaded Show lead, donated by Ally Haverdink. SOLD $105 Lisa McCann & Jaclyn Callaghan (Laurelhills)


Total for auction: $2,545.00

Wii Raffle - won by Robin Prouty (Cloverhill Farm). Ticket Total Sold: $478


Total $$ Raised for USASA Junior Handler Program! -- $3,023.00
Thank you!




Pendant left is owned by Taylor Crisman.

Amy has been working fast & furiously on loads of exciting new pieces for Nationals.
Contact AMY at to order your AppleDance pendant for National's delivery!

Bridgette of New Zealand on your pretty pink abalone shell pendant!

Jennifer Hampton on your brilliant AppleDance pendant!

 Laura Baylis on your gorgeous AppleDance pendant!

Amy Garrison has donated this beautiful sterling turquoise & coral pendant and bracelet to the USASA Junior Handling Foundation Auction!
These items will auctioned at the USASA National Specialty Banquet at Purina Farms in May 2009.
Amy tells us these pieces are MASSIVE!  Do not miss this auction!
These pieces were auctioned to the highest bidder at the USASA National Specialty Banquet!
Thanks to the generosity of the banquet bidders, USASA Junior Foundation raised OVER $4000!!
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and HUGE thank yous go out to:
Toy box -- Jacqueline Callahan
Garrison Aussie necklace -- Janet Loehr
Garrison Aussie bracelet -- Kathy Hubbard
Custom photo painting -- Jamie Clute
Cowboy watercolor -- Nadine Grady
14K9 necklace -- Lisa McCann
GoldNAussie necklace -- Ingrid Oliver
Crock -- Karen Wilson
Waterman 2009 original logo oil painting -- Jodie Weber

BEAUTIFUL AVAILABLE PIECES not pictured on this page!

Sylvie's Crystal Apple



Each of Amy's pieces is unique!  No two pieces alike!


BEST IN SHOW *** Sylvie's crystal Aussies in all 4 colors! (click to see each piece enlarged)

Custom made Aussie Charms just for Thornapple! 1"long x 3/4"wide x 1 1/2" tall
Email Sylvie for more information on how you can own one of these beautiful show dogs!
Sylvie's Aussies are not available on her EBay store. You must contact Sylvie via email to order.
Sylvie's email address is
Sylvie is willing to do custom design for you!
to see Sylvie's collection of crystal charms visit her EBay store at ..... CRYSTAL BY SYLVIE --- EBAY STORE 
* key chains * cell phones * zipper pulls * purse charm * rear-view mirror * grooming arm * tack box charm *
We will have charms available for sale at our upcoming dog shows.

Thornapple Aussies

Aussie Butts

Cute Expression!

Beautiful fronts!

Puppy Love!

June 29, 2009 *** Sylvie surprises us with a baby Aussie!
Isn't she cute!!!

 March 20th * 2009 * BEAUTIFUL NEW PIECES



TIE TACKS/Lapel pins!

Bitta Wohliche Denmark the Cream Lace Agate left - Black Onyx Garnet right

Simone Schneble Germany the Mother Of Pearl right -
Audrey Carter the Black Onyx!


Betsy Hamkens Lapis & Black Onyx ... Diann Inch received the beautiful Black Lace Agate as a Christmas gift from her office staff.

Jenny Poe picked the Blue Chalcedony Topaz - left ***** Gwen Hayes of Half Moon Aussies owns the Half Moon with Star - middle
Ingrid Oliver of Alaska picked the Tourmalinated Quartz Lemon Topaz pictured far right.
Laura Williamson (pictured), Kahului Hawaii, made the Rhodonite Blue Topaz Amethyst & Pearl her 2nd piece. (left)
The Agate Garnet Pearl pendant joins Laura's first piece. (middle) Linda Durand of New Hampshire chose the stamped gold as her 1st piece. (right)

Betsy Hamkens --- Mom to Breeze, Rain & Cloud --- picked the Lapis & Black Onyx!
Greetings All, Today I received one of the most STUNNING pieces of
jewelry I have ever purchased. I had been wanting one of Amy Garrison
originals for a while now and when I saw all the new pieces on the website
I jumped in and ordered one. Amy does FANTASTIC work. She is as articulate
on her jewelry pieces as she is grooming our most cherished aussies.
The pictures do not even hold a candle to the pieces in person. I know
I will be purchasing more as just like our aussies you can not have only
one:)))) The artwork and originality of the jewelry is great. Everyone
 should have at least one of the pendants. I hope this does not put you
at a disadvantage Amy if you are booked but you were so correct in
saying that the wait is well worth it. Thank you for matching my pendant
to me and my clothing style. Betsy Hamkens

Bitta --- Mom to Diablo, Jada, Sycamore & Cuba --- picked the Cream Lace Agate!
You are right Betsy … you can not just have one Aussie from Thornapple ..
just like you can not just have one jewelry made by Amy Garrison. I need to have
one more when I am coming over to US.  It is STUNNING artwork Amy!!!
I just LOVE the jewelry that you made for me… I will have it on me at every show...
also tomorrow where I am showing an Border collie …. It brings me good luck :-) Bitta

Diann Inch --- Mom to Miss Addie was given the beautiful Black Lace Agate as a Christmas gift from her Office Staff!
Dear Amy, What a beautiful surprise I had at our staff Christmas party. As you know my wonderful PTP
 Angels gave me one of your fabulous Aussie pendants. It is so, so beautiful. In fact, the colors match
Addie's colors on her right side nearly perfectly. I will cherish it always. Debbie nearly had a heart attack
arranging my gift. I guess I was standing over her when she was emailing you. She jumped, then screamed.
I thought she was in pain she yelled so loud. I never had a clue what she was up to. I couldn't ask for a more
wonderful staff. They are always so kind and thoughtful. I was so sad when Sassy died. Everyone was so sweet
and supportive. They also looked forward to reading Addie's blog on your website. Heaven knows, they have
been bombarded by Thornapple stories over the years. Addie is so beautiful and sweet. We are working long hours,
so we hired a pet sitter to come and spend an hour at mid day to walk and play with her. She loves all the attention.
My mother-in-law came over everyday to play with her for a few hours during the summer. Addie missed her when
she left for Florida for the winter, but mom missed her even more. She calls about once a week and leaves a message
on our machine talking to Addie. I play it over for her and Addie's little wiggle butt is going a mile a minute.
Michael, Addie and I want to wish you, Ellen and your Thornapple family a joyous holiday.
I will think of you every time I wear my Aussie necklace. Warm regards, Diann Inch

Note of Kirstie Venton's gorgeous one of a kind APPLEDANCE pendant!
Kirstie is pictured at the Crufts Dog Show March 2009 with her Lorenzo daughter, Shenzi.
(Shenzi is sired by Ch Thornapple Climate Controlled)
Gill & Kirstie Venton

A note from Kirstie!
You should put LUCKY pendant. I usually have good results when I wear it!!! I had a lot of comments about it on Sunday.
So I did a bit of good PR for Amy!!! I wore it when I went to see a band a few weeks ago too. Well it went well with the
top I was wearing. I have attached a picture for you. The VERY nice man that I am with is James Toseland. He is the UK's
 best Motorbike racer. He races in the Moto GP alongside the likes of Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden ( I am sure Aaron
will know who they are!). He is also a very talented singer and musician so I go to see him in his band a few times a year.
A few of the girls that I go with also said my necklace was very nice. Kirstie
WOW!!! TOO COOL Kirstie!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

June 6th, 2009 - Thought you would like to see this photo of Disney winning 3rd Best Veteran in Show for Day 2
at the European Winners Dog Show in Dublin on Sunday. I was wearing my lucky Thornapple necklace. That and the
Irish clover pin badge that I was given by someone from the tourist board definitely brought me luck.
Gill & Kirstie Venton

Stephanie Passays of France makes the beautiful Lace Agate, Onyx, Hematite, Quartz her own - right
I must to make a picture with my beautiful pendant, in waiting I send to you a pic with my aussies.
Thanks again! Stephanie PASSAYS (France)
THANK YOU for sharing Stephanie!

Tie Tacks for the Guys!
Thank you Bill Burns & Aaron Brandenburg for allowing us to use your
beautiful birthday gifts as examples of Amy's tie tack designs!

letter bracelets with your kennel name or dog's name & titles!