American,  Danish,  Swedish Copenhagen Winner 2006 & 2007,  Danish Club Champion 2006 & 2007,
Norwegian, German, Danish Jubileum Winner 2007, Neumunster Sieger 2006, Leipzig Sieger 2006,
Leipzip Sieger 2007, Breed Winner 2006 & 2007
, Nordic Winner 2008
CH Thornapple Aftershock

Bitta & Diablo make the front cover of Danish Dog Magazine Hunden!!!

Red Merle Dog * DOB 9-28-03
Sire: CH Ragtime Light It Up
Dam: CH Thornapple Silken Flame

Owned by Bitta Wohliche * Denmark

Diablo is OFA Excellent * Elbows normal * Eyes CERF

Owner / Handled to his championship by Amy Garrison
Breeders: Amy Garrison * Ellen Brandenburg * Victoria Davidson


Diablo USA Gallery

Diablo's Denmark Gallery 1

Diablo's Denmark Gallery 2

OFA Hips AS-21382E24M-PI
OFA Elbows AS-EL1800M24PI
OFA Cardiac AS-CA129/24M/P-PI
OFA Patellas AS-PA183/24M/P-PI
CERF AS-7675/2005--25
Eyes cleared yearly in Denmark
AKC DNA Profile # V388829
Frozen semen is available for Diablo.


November 10, 2008
Good NEWS --- Diablo - CH Thornapple Aftershock got a new title this weekend!

photo credit Anna-Lena Munkvall *** Thank you, Anna-Lena!
March 2008!!!! Last year's BEST of BREED & Reserve Best In Group winner --
Jada's Daddy -- CH Thornapple Aftershock "Diablo"


Photo Credits Svetlana Valueva of Didysis Suo magazine, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Photo Credits Svetlana Valueva of Didysis Suo magazine, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Photo Credits Svetlana Valueva of Didysis Suo magazine, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Getting in shape for the BIG SHOW!!!!
Daily swims, jogs, bathing & playtime make for a CRUFTS 2008 WINNER!

Playtime with Bitta includes Cuba, Sycamore, Jada, Diablo & Angel!


THE 2007 AKC/EUKANUBA National INVITATIONAL Dog Show Results are in!
Long Beach, California *** December 1 & 2 2007

CH Thornapple Aftershock 2nd AWARD of EXCELLENCE in Best Of Breed!


The AKC/Eukanuba National Championship airs on Animal Planet & Discovery Channel on February 28, 2008.
Check your local listings for air times.  For more information about the AKC/Eukanuba National Dog Show,
please visit  

2 pages *** Canine Chronicle *** November/December 2007
The AKC/Eukanuba National Championship airs on Animal Planet & Discovery Channel on February 28, 2008.
Check your local listings for air times.  For more information about the AKC/Eukanuba National Dog Show,
please visit  

October 2, 2007 *** AMAZING NEWS FROM BITTA!
I just got so SUPER news!!!!! Diablo and I are going to the Eukanuba show in December!!!!
Eukanuba just called me to tell me that the Danish kennel club and Eukanuba will send Diablo
 to the show because he is #1 All Breed!
They are paying for the trip! I can't wait to go
 and I can't wait to see some of my Thornapple family!
Hug Bitta

DIABLO TAKES BEST IN SHOW in Denmark!!!  3500 entries!!!

Best In Show Judge Carlos Fernandez-Renau (Spain)
CH Thornapple Aftershock "Diablo"

Group Judge Hans Lehtinen (Finland)
Best Of Breed Judge Hans Erik Pedersen (Denmark)
Wow – this was a SUPER weekend for Diablo!!!
 Big international dog show with over 3500 entered.
He not 2 new titles and become Best in show!!!!!
First he won the breed and become Copenhagen winner 2007
and I now also Danish breed winner 2007 (just like last year).
Breed Judge: Hans Erik Pedersen from Denmark. Then he won the group.
Group judge: Hans Lehtinen from Finland AND…… the he won best in show!!!!!!!
BIS judge: Carlos Fernandez-Renau from Spain
We only have one show left here in Denmark and Diablo is right now nr. 1 all breed ……………
I am so nervous……….. I really hope that he can hold his place as dog of the year………
 oh my God …. I don’t want to think about it. 2007 has been a super year for Diablo/dog shows!

Thank you ones again for sending me this SUPER dog!
Hug and kisses from Bitta


NOT ONLY does Diablo enjoy the honor of representing Denmark, he will represent the UK as well!
AND Diablo is the FIRST Australian Shepherd to travel from Europe to the prestigious
AKC/Eukanuba National Championship!  WAY TO GOOOOO, DIABLOOOOOOO!

Best In Show Winner Ch Thornapple Aftershock
Always owner handled by Bitta Wohliche ** Denmark

CONGRATULATIONS, Bitta, on Best Of Breed/Group 2 on Saturday &
Best of Breed/Group 1 on Sunday with  DIABLO in Germany this weekend!
The 8 and 9 September 2007 took Diablo and I to Leipzig in Germany. Diablo just need 2 more CC’s –
then he would become German Champion as the first Danish Aussie!
As you know ….. Diablo love to be the first Aussie in a lot of things here in Denmark
The 8 of September – International Dog Show.  Best of breed, Cabib, CC and BIG 2
Breed judge: Mr. Christofer Habig from Germany ... Group judge:???    
The 9 of September – National Dog Show ... Best of Breed, CC (new German champion) and BIG!!!!
Breed judge: Mr. Dr. Wilfried Peper from Germany ... Group judge: Mr. Dr. Wilfried Peper
Judge Mr. Dr. Wilfroed Peper was the judge that gave Diablo his first and his last German CC J
Judge Mr. Christofer Habig came over to me on Sunday and say “This dog is a best in show dog –
He should have won the show Saturday!!!”
….wow that made me very proud J
Here is some pictures from the show ... Big Hug from Bitta and Diablo



I have some VERY good news!!!! Diablo become best in show this weekend!!!!!!!
Over 3500 dogs was entered!!! And he got his first CACIB………….so now he is on his
 way to become international champion!!!!  
Here are the pro. Photos of Diablo’s big win.
It is the first time that a Danish Aussie wins Best in show in Denmark !!
He is also nr. 1 all breed right now!!!
I am so proud of Diablo J
Big Hug from the most proud Aussie owner in Denmark Bitta
HUGE CONGRATS,BITTA!!!! Thank you for the incredible job you do with Diablo!

June 22, 2007 * Judge information from Bitta!
Everybody is talking about his big win and it is the first time for an Aussie to do that here in Denmark!
The show was in Ballerup, Denmark.  The breed judge is Rainer Vuorinen from Finland.  The Group  judge
is Jorgen Hindse Madsen from Denmark.  The Best In Show judge is Ole Staunskaer from Denmark.  A
German judge, Wilfried Peper, came up to me after the show and said "this dog is truly a best in show dog!"
Thank you for letting me be so proud of the man in my life!  *LOL*  Hugs, Bitta!

Thank you Mr. Ole Staunskaer of Denmark!!!

Hot Off The Press!  April May 2007 USASA Journal * Back Cover Ad!
Thank you Ami Romanelli * Mercury Aussies * http://mandolynjake.tripod.com for doing our beautiful Journal ad!
I just watched part of the 2007 Crufts last night and know it was held earlier in the year, but just wanted to say CONGRATS on Diablo taking a
 Group 2 at Crufts. That is wonderful and you must be proud! I recorded the second part of Crufts and will probably watch the rest of it tonight.
Diablo is a terrific looking guy and I love his head!  Take care - Scott Wood -- May 30, 2007
Thank you, Scott!  The Crufts Dog Show is now being televised on Animal Planet.
Wayne Cavanaugh has some very nice things to say about Diablo!  Don't miss it!

March Comes In Like A LION!

Thank you Bitta for your extraordinary effort to show Diablo at Crufts!
Bitta drove over 20 hours --- all by her lonesome --- to get Diablo to England!
Thank you for the incredible job you have done with Diablo!

Diablo became best male and got his 2’nd CC (needs 3 to become Danish champion)
and best of breed. Later he became BEST IN SHOW!!!!! We are so proud
The judge was Seamus Oates from Ireland. March 27, 2006

Ch Thornapple Aftershock "Diablo"  **  & his daughter, Thornapple What The Doc Ordered "Jada"
Best Of Opposite Sex & Best Of Breed **** International Dog Show *** 3500 entries!
Way to go Bitta!
GOOD NEWS FROM BITTA IN SWEDEN!!!! Thank you for a WONDERFUL week (Nationals)!!! It was so good to be “home” again!!!
This weekend was the show were dogs could qualified for Crufts. It was a big international show with over 3500 dogs entered.  
Well for make a loooong story short...Sycamore become BOB puppy, Diablo become BOS & Jada become BOB!!!!!
Not only that but she also won the group!!!!!!  WAU!!!!! Our little blue girl did that!!!!!!
Now Diablo and Jada ready for Crufts 2008.
So look for Jada in the show ring a Crufts……….she will look SUPER in marts 2008!!! Here is some picture from the weekend.
Big hug, Bitta

Thornapple What The Doc Ordered "Jada"

Thornapple Queen Of Diamonds "Sycamore"

FEBRUARY 24 ... 2007 ** HUGE NEWS from Denmark!!!  Ch Thornapple Aftershock "Diablo"
This was the best weekend ever for the Thornapples here in Denmark.
We were at an international dog show with 3.350 dog entered.
Diablo become BOB………BIG…………and…….. BIS 2
Halle become best bitch (BOS) and got her first CC and is now on the way to become Danish Champion!!!!
Jada become 2nd best bitch just after Halle!!!!
AND…….The Kennel Thornapple won the breeders class!!!!! Never done by an Aussie breeder!!!!!
 Diablo, Halle, Cuba and Jada looked like a million dollar!!!
Halle was handled by Gitte Strandly, Cuba was handled by Katrine Kryh, Jada was handled by Kristina Rottensten
 and Diablo was handled by me. 
Here are pictures from the weekend all taken by Katrines dad (Dan Kryh)
A Big hug from a proud Bitta *** CONGRATULATIONS, Bitta, and thank you!  We are very proud of being named Best Breeder!
(We always say ... wear the color of the rosette you want to win!  Bitta did a smashing job in her beautiful blue suit!)

Hi Ellen and Amy, I know it is in Danish but look at this link:
 http://www.dansk-kennel-klub.dk/798/945 and this one :
Diablo is right now nr. 5 in Denmark ……..ALL breed!!!!  A very proud Bitta

The show on Sunday, October 8, 2006, went well J It was a small show for just Herding & Working dogs
 (not Danish kennel club).
Jada became second best bitch, got here 2’nd Danish CC!!!
and became BIS 2 for juniors
J J J handled by Katrine J Diablo won best of breed
 and got his last (and 4’th) club CC – so he is now Danish club champion.
He later became BIS 2.  It is a official title
J J I just LOVE titles J He now has 5 titles J J

 Hug and Love from, Diablo, Jada and Bitta

News from Sweden! Hi Ellen and Amy J J, Fantastic weekend for Diablo and Jada!!!
Saturday the 16 of September:
 Diablo won BOB and got a new official title Copenhagen winner 2006.
As I always say…………we LOVE titles *LOL*. Later he was selected between the 6 best in the group, but not placed.
Jada became 3 best bitch!!!! Only beaten by 2 champion bitches (one of them was my Angel).
She was the ONLY not champion bitch competing about best bitch!!! She also won her first Danish CC!!!
I think it is fantastic done by such a young bitch that is out of coat!!!
The judge LOVED Jada and Diablo
J J J thanks to Petra Junehall for Diablo’s new title and Jada first CC!!!  
Sunday the 17 of September: Katrine won best junior handler with Diablo.
They are a perfect couple in the junior ring!!! (I think that they will do very good at the word show!!)
The best part of this weeks win is that Katrine is sure of the title “Junior Handler 2006”.
That is the second time she is getting that title. The only picture I have from this weekend is of Katrine and Diablo
I hope that you had a fantastic weekend and won a lot!!! Hug Bitta

Best In Group!

Best In Show - 4 * Breed History!

News from Denmark - June 18, 2006! This weekend was VERY good for Diablo!!! We were to a big
international dog show here in Denmark. First he become BOB……then
become BIG……AND later BIS 4!!!! He is the first Aussie in Denmark (in
Danish show history) to be placed in the BIS final to a big
international dog show!!! I can't believe it!!!
Denmark's best junior handler – Katrine Kryh - Become BIS junior handler
with Diablo!!! I think they are so beautiful together. She is going to
the world winner show in Poland as a junior handler and Diablo is
going to be her junior handler dog!
Congratulants to all the Thornapples dogs around the world.
Bitta - a very very happy Danish girl

The breed judge was: Bo Skalin from Sweden.
The Group judge was: Norman Deschuymere from Belgium
This BIS judge was: Carlos Fernandez-Renau from ES

May 29, 2006 * Hi Ellen and Amy! We were in Germany (Neumünster) this weekend to a big
 international dog show. Diablo become BOB and got his first cc in Germany (He needs 5 cc to become
German Champion) Later he won the group!!! The judge (Dr. W. Peper) said to me: “that dog has only
one fault…… and that is that he isn’t my dog”!!! He loved Diablo!!! A big hug from a very proud “mom” Bitta 
Congratulations, Bitta!

Diablo is now Danish and Norwegian champion!!!!! J
It only took him 3 shows tog get the 3 cc for his new title
later that day he became 3
 in the group.
He is also qualified for Cruft 2007!!! Jubii J When he ran in to the ring with the other
dogs in the group judging, he got the biggest applause!!! Wow it was fantastic………………people are really
 talking about him
J J In 14 days we are going to a small club show – we hope that he can become Danish club
champion this year
JIn 3 weeks we are going to Germany for a international dog show.
Next month we are going to Finland (travelling together with kennel Easy…………..That is going to be FUN!!!)
In the fall we are going to Norway (again), Sweden and Poland (World winner show)…………so Diablo is getting
around in Europe
J JThese pictures are from this week. I really think that he look like a million J J Once again
thank you for sending him to Denmark!!!!Big hug Bitta   


GROUP ONE WIN!  First weekend out! 
There were 3251 dogs entered at the dog show and there were 28 dogs in group 1!
 …so that is quite good win to become best in group!

The group judge was Hans v.d. Berg form Netherlands .... Bitta
Congratulations Bitta and Steffen on your exciting win!

Diablo finished with back to back 5 point majors at the Crown Classic December 2004!
Handled by James Smith
breath of fresh air." Mrs. Joan Fox

Best Of Breed * Judge Mrs. Margaret P. Mickleson * Pontiac KC * September 2005

"You can put this dog in MY car!"  Mrs. Margaret P. Mickelson!

Group 4 * Judge Mr. Wayne Cunningham * Pontiac KC * September 2005

At just 6 months of age, Diablo takes Winners Dog from the 6-9 puppy class first weekend out!   * 5 point major!
ASC of Michigan Cabin Fever 04 * Thank You Mr. Gary Sparschu

AND at just 7 months of age, Diablo takes Best Opposite Sex in Sweeps & Reserve Winners Dog
2004 USASA National Specialty

Thank You to our judges Mrs. Robin Prouty and Mr. James G. Reynolds
Thank You Jewel Fuls * Ragtime Australian Shepherds * for sharing Diablo's daddy, Todd!

Thank you Frank Baylis & Chris Oldt * Bayshore * for sponsoring Reserve Winners Dog.
Thank you Terri Morgan * Calias * for sponsoring 1st Place in 6 - 9 Puppy Dog.

Thank you Ron Niemzyk * Undercover * for sponsoring Best Opposite Sex In Sweeps.
Thank you Sharon Fontanini * Myshara * for sponsoring 1st Place 6 - 9 Puppy Dog In Sweeps.

Resting up for Winners Dog in Grandma Jewel's comfy lap!