International Album #2


We are proud of our International Stars!!!!

Thornapple Hot Topic "Epi"
Owned by Ana Herrera * IMOKAM Kennel  * Granada, Spain

Thornapple Phoenix Fire "Phoenix"
Owned by Fred and Sheila Farmer * Capetown, South Africa

Thornapple Grinding Gears "Tucker"
Owned by Susanne Mueller *
TrulyAwesome Australian Shepherds


Thornapple Hot Temptation "Zippo"
Owned by Di & Alan Falconer * South Auckland, New Zealand

AKC CH Thornapple Star Of Africa "Nandi"
Owned by Di & Alan Falconer * South Aukland, New Zealand

Thornapple Mythical SkyDancer "Bliss"
Owned by Bianca & Jacco Heideveld * The Netherlands

Thornapple Dixie Darling "Dixie"
Owned by Tomomi Katano * Oita Japan

Thornapple Funny Honey "Roxie"
Owned by Robert Harlow & Penny Richards * England

Romanian/Serbian CH Thornapple Iced Latte "Latte"
Owned by Eszter Rozsos * Hungary

CH Thornapple Aftershock "Diablo"
Owned by Bitta & Steffen Wohliche * Denmark

Thornapple Ruby Passion "Lucy"
Owned by Marie & Joakim Samuelson * Sweden

Thornapple Sub Zero "Courage"
Owned by Amanda Helps * Cuebiyar Aussies * Australia

Thornapple Soak It Up Northbay "Bounty"
Owned by Angela Kleinhans * Germany

Thornapple Baja Blast "Burst"
Owned by Jayne Holligan *
Cumbria, England
Applefire Australian Shepherds

CH Thornapple Powercore "Spitty"
Leased by Jayne Holligan * Cumbria * England
Applefire Australian Shepherds

Thornapple American Power "Power"
Owned by Peter Kubica * Poland

Thornapple Cuba Blue "Cuba"
Owned by Bitta Wohliche * Denmark
Co-owned with Amy Garrison & Ellen Brandenburg

Danish CH Thornapple What The Doc Ordered "Jada"
Owned by Bitta Wohliche * Denmark
Co-owned with Amy Garrison & Ellen Brandenburg

Thornapple Not Guilty "Katalin"
Owned by Marie & Jan Ekholm * GUNLAKE KENNEL * Finland

Thornapple Little Black Dress "Audrey"
Owned by Sheryl and Stacey Chia Xiang Min * Singapore

Thornapple Cashmere Mist "Cashmere"
Owned by Thierry Willigsecker * France

Thornapple Blame It On Joanne "Joanne"
Owned by Susanne Mueller &
Jutta Brett-Hellmann * Germany