Am CH Fin Ch. Swe Ch. FIN CH, EST CH, NordicW03, FinW04, SweW04, FinW05 Fin W06 Fin W07 ESTW07Thornapple Hot Wheels

Blue Merle Male * DOB: 07/28/00

Sire: CH Bluestems Man-O-Firethorne
CH Thornapple's What It Takes

December 2009
We have just come home from the Finnish winner show and Nordic winner show 2009. Jag is almost 10 years as he took
part in the veteran class and he wins BOB both days !!!!!! The judge fell in love with Jag. She saw him as a very good condition
older gentleman and in which youthful condition, they were the judge's words. Great to hear and yes he is in very good shape
for his age. I think we got a picture. I will send it to you. BOS both days was Leading Angels Cherish Thornapple breeder Bitta!
Congratulations! Amazingly for such a young Aussie girl !!!!! 35,000 visited the exhibition. I do not know if I heard correctly, but
it was said that there were 15,000 dogs entries. If so, it is unbelievable. I will check it out! It was very crowded, it was almost
hopeless to get around the ring. Good thing Jag is big and strong, we pushed our way pretty easily. Oops, I'm beginning more
and more wondering how I can live without Jag? I can not do without him. As soon as he enters the ring he wins and it fits me
perfect when I is a bit crazy and does not like to lose. Please, let me know if you one day have a new star for me.
Take care and many hugs from Marie
CONGRATULATIONS Marie & Jag! We are very proud of you!!!!


Hi Amy, About grooming, have you do a video ? Do that, I will buy it today !!! :-)
If you have the time, do a video for us who still need good ideas about grooming.
We have was in a weeks holiday in Spain, Fuerteventura. It was nice, I send you
some pictures from the holiday and some puppy pictures, the
Katalin x Jag puppies.
 Jag not go to the World Winner dog show, not Katalin or Jenny. To the World Winner
Dog Show I will go with one Jag offspring who is champion girl and one Lorenzo offspring
who is in the open class, two girl! I plan to show one good looking young male born with
NBT too at the show. We will see if my ill back will be good to July. Hugs Marie Ekholm
Finland *** Kennel Gun Lake
Great idea, Marie!  How about it, Amy?  We love your Jag & Katalin babies!


Thank you for sharing your vacation photos, Marie!

HUGE NEWS From Finland!!!!!
Jag wins Best of Breed! 
This is a repeat win for Jag!!!!
Judge Carin Akesson of Sweden *** Show is held in Helsinki, Finland *** 56 Australian Shepherd entries!
From Marie --- Yes, Jag did it again!!! 7 years old man go up and take the BOB!
Lots of young wonderful Aussie males were at this Winner show. And he took a new
title again!! It will be Jags 3rd title this year!!!! And his 3 CACIB!!!
And we have NOT show him much this last year.
He has sooooo very long title now! Our king! He is our GOLD BOY. He is
always ready for long trips and long days at the show area. We love him. I
wonder if I can get a better dog someday, I don't think so. He is all!
A wonderful family dog, show dog, a healthy dog, a very good dog in our
breeding, he have only give us healthy puppies!!!
The total entries was 8.500. Just under 60 Aussies entries.

Congratulations Marie & Jan Ekholm * GUNLAKE KENNEL * on your purchase of
Am CH Fin Ch. Swe Ch. FIN CH, EST CH, NordicW03, FinW04, SweW04, FinW05 Fin W06 ESTW07Thornapple Hot Wheels
In Finland for just a few months,
Jag has won multiple Best of Breeds, Group Placements, Group 1s.
 Best In Show (entry 2000 - pictured above in best in show)
* Charles Francis * Canada
Reserve Best In Show * Johar Juslin * Finland

December 11, 2004 .... Jag wins Best Of Breed at the Stockholm Dog Show!

Good News from Kennel Gun Lake in Finland -- June 2007

Jag has bring home TWO NEW TITLES !!!!! Est Ch and Est W-07. Hi is now Show Champion in 4 countries. USA, Finland, Sweden and Estonia.
That was a International dog show last weekend in Estonia, Estonia winner show. Jag took even a 3 placement in the group final under a judge from
 USA,Donovan Thompson. His son Gun Lake Blue Lagoon took 3 placement in the male class and that was not bad because it was many nice imports
 from USA in that show !!!  So the best placement (BOB) was a Thornapple and second a Propwash and 3 was Gun Lake and 4 was Keepsake...
It was even dogs from Marquis, Watermarks, Legacys. FCI have just approved Australian Shepherd, so now can we take CACIB, and Jag took
her first CACIB last weekend !!! Only 2 CACIB left and then he is a International Show Champion, maybe Europe's first International show Champion !!!
 We will see, he is still strong and beautiful, but we have his old age coming on, and we must take the last CACIB before he been 8 years old. So we
must run on all internationals shows in different countries and se if we can get the last 2 CACIB.
Greetings from Jag, AM CH, SWE CH, FIN CH, EST CH, NORDW03, FINW04, SW04, FINW05 FINW06 ESTW07 Thornapple Hot Wheels.
Hugs and Thank you Ellen & Amy for our wonderful Jag. He is a so very very good Australian Shepherd.
Marie Ekholm * Kennel Gun Lake 
www.gunlake.ax     gunlake@aland.net


Jag in group judging Christmas Show December 2005