Evan Brandenburg

 Evan Michael Brandenburg

Evan's 2009 Photos 1

Evan's 2009 Photos 2
Evan takes a trip to the Howell Michigan Balloon Festival June 2009

Evan's 2009 Photos 3


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A Photo Shoot With A Star

Marquette & Monroe KC 2008

October Photo Shoot 1

October Photo Shoot 2

October Photo Shoot - Temperamental Stars!

30 degrees & snow on Saturday March 20th, 2010!
Amy observed Evan drives like Mother T!

A little bad weather doesn't stop Evan!



Evan rides the MAGIC BUS!

Evan says --- thank you Amy, Shane & Austen for inviting me for a LONG weekend of
baseball, basketball, horseback riding, golf and BEST of all Howell Balloon Festival!


It's a hole in one for Evan!

TURN IT UP!!!! --- cruising in the Mustang!

Checking out the Balloon Fest!      NOPE ... no balloons down here!


A SCARY roller coaster ride!

A beautiful day at Amy's house!

Evan tops off a perfect day with a NY Strip dinner!
Thank you Amy!  I ate it all! YUM ... thank you Amy!

Just a quick nap and I'll be ready to go again!

January 22, 2009 *** "Little Evan "Dear lovely small Evan, We wish you all the best to 3rd Birthday!!
Your wishes comes true, Dears Family Sollereder from Austria Dears Family Sollereder from Austria.

3 YEARS OLD --- JANUARY 22, 2009
We LOVE you!!!!

Hudsyn Rose & Evan Michael
Fall Photo Shoot 2009

Left - Right ---- Megan Teeling * Evan Brandenburg * Hershey * XXX * Shayna Garrison * Hudsyn Rose

Evan Michael Brandenburg flying high September 2008

Drumming on Lake Superior * September 2008 * Evan Brandenburg

John Deere Evan Brandenburg helps with the puppy photo shoot ** June 2008

Hannah Hammond & Shayna Garrison have fun with Evan Brandenburg's hair!

 NOT HAPPY with the new HAIRDO!
Evan Brandenburg --- I'm OUTTA HERE!
Mercury Thornapple Turn It Up "Roxy" * Sire Ch Thornapple All Fired Up - Dam Ch Thornapple Straight Up

Sharing a bed for a power nap!  May 2008

FLOWER POWER *** Evan Brandenburg


Evan Brandenburg


Thank goodness for big blue popsicles when Evan Brandenburg is at a dog show!  August 2007

Put Em Up!  Evan Brandenburg * June 2007

Evan Brandenburg strikes a pose!

Don't mess with Evan's Cheetos!

Evan Brandenburg * Calling It A Day!

Hey Baby!
Beach Boy Evan Brandenburg

Cleaning the cake pan! June 2007!

BAD DUDE *** Evan Brandenburg

First Christmas! Evan Brandenburg *** You don't say, Santy?

Evan Brandenburg - 1st Halloween

A face only Mommy can love!


Christmas 2006 fun for Hudsyn & Evan


Hudsyn Rosie slept through Uncle Jim's Birthday party!  Evan Brandenburg gets ready to chop wood on December 28!

Rachel Brandenburg, Ty VanAlstine & Evan Brandenburg take advantage of an extra warm December 28th day to cut wood with the new chain saw!

Thank you, Grandpa, for our brand new bedroom!

Our favorite part of the baby!!! Evan's toes at 6.5 months!

Welcome June!  Sun, Sand & Surf!  Evan Brandenburg's favorite place to be -- the beaches of Lake Michigan!


Heavy Metal BLING for Evan Brandenburg!

Puppies sure grow faster then babies!






precious baby Evan Brandenburg!


*** Brand New!  January 22, 2005 ***
Evan Brandenburg snuck into this world while Granny Apple was at a the Brooksville Dog Shows in Florida!
Proud Mommy *** Chelsea Brandenburg
Proud Grandpa & Granny *** Tom & Ellen Brandenburg
Loving Auntie Rachel Brandenburg & Uncle Cyrus
Cousins Miss Hudsyn Rose Brandenburg, Shane & Amy, Shayna & Austen Garrison, Jill & Al, Zak & Matt Cain!