Mid December

     Mid December

It is a WHITE CHRISTMAS for the Thornapple Gang!
l-r Thornapple What's The Word "Lingo" * Ch Thornapple King Of Diamonds "Shamba" * Thornapple Whiskey Before Breakfast "Ezra"


Austen Garrison & Ch Thornapple Tougher Shade Of Red ** Crazy Ringo!


Check it out! Amy Garrison's CHRISTMAS Wonderland!!!!http://www.livingstondaily.com/article/20081221/NEWS01/812210314&referrer=FRONTPAGECAROUSEL

And Shayna sends everyone an Elf Christmas card!
Starring --- Shayna, Megan, Ringo, Commando & Miss Tammy Tu Tu!


don't miss out on our original website *** the beginning to 2007!

thornappleaussies@gmail.com       Ellen's cell  517-202-6462


Betsy Hamkens --- Mom to Breeze, Rain & Cloud --- picked the Lapis & Black Onyx!
Greetings All, Today I received one of the most STUNNING pieces of
jewelry I have ever purchased. I had been wanting one of Amy Garrison
originals for a while now and when I saw all the new pieces on the website
I jumped in and ordered one. Amy does FANTASTIC work. She is as articulate
on her jewelry pieces as she is grooming our most cherished aussies.
The pictures do not even hold a candle to the pieces in person. I know
I will be purchasing more as just like our aussies you can not have only
one:)))) The artwork and originality of the jewelry is great. Everyone
 should have at least one of the pendants. I hope this does not put you
at a disadvantage Amy if you are booked but you were so correct in
saying that the wait is well worth it. Thank you for matching my pendant
to me and my clothing style. Betsy Hamkens

Bitta --- Mom to Diablo, Jada, Sycamore & Cuba --- picked the Cream Lace Agate!
You are right Betsy … you can not just have one Aussie from Thornapple ..
just like you can not just have one jewelry made by Amy Garrison. I need to have
one more when I am coming over to US.  It is STUNNING artwork Amy!!!
I just LOVE the jewelry that you made for me… I will have it on me at every show...
also tomorrow where I am showing an Border collie …. It brings me good luck :-) Bitta

Diann Inch --- Mom to Miss Addie was given the beautiful Black Lace Agate as a Christmas gift from her Office Staff!
Dear Amy, What a beautiful surprise I had at our staff Christmas party. As you know my wonderful PTP
 Angels gave me one of your fabulous Aussie pendants. It is so, so beautiful. In fact, the colors match
Addie's colors on her right side nearly perfectly. I will cherish it always. Debbie nearly had a heart attack
arranging my gift. I guess I was standing over her when she was emailing you. She jumped, then screamed.
I thought she was in pain she yelled so loud. I never had a clue what she was up to. I couldn't ask for a more
wonderful staff. They are always so kind and thoughtful. I was so sad when Sassy died. Everyone was so sweet
and supportive. They also looked forward to reading Addie's blog on your website. Heaven knows, they have
been bombarded by Thornapple stories over the years. Addie is so beautiful and sweet. We are working long hours,
so we hired a pet sitter to come and spend an hour at mid day to walk and play with her. She loves all the attention.
My mother-in-law came over everyday to play with her for a few hours during the summer. Addie missed her when
she left for Florida for the winter, but mom missed her even more. She calls about once a week and leaves a message
on our machine talking to Addie. I play it over for her and Addie's little wiggle butt is going a mile a minute.
Michael, Addie and I want to wish you, Ellen and your Thornapple family a joyous holiday.
I will think of you every time I wear my Aussie necklace. Warm regards, Diann Inch

Ch Thornapple Aftershock      Thornapple Cuba Blue
Iwona shares photos of Diablo & Cuba taken at the Budapest Dog Show. Thank you Iwona!

Gary & Sharon Russell pictured at the Washington Masonic Memorial
Our very dear friends, neighbors & Thornapple family members (proud mom & pop to Thornapple Aussie Sam),
Gary & Sharon Russell, have been living & working in Washington DC since October. Gary Russell is Superintendent in charge
of a very important Christman Construction job at the US Capitol building. Christman Construction is building the
Inauguration Platform which will be completed early January for the January 20th Presidential Inauguration.

Gary, Sharon, Sam & Mr. Dickens are residing in Old Towne while in DC.

Sharon Russell visits Carlyle House of Alexandria. Sharon was invited to work in the Founding Fathers Gardens because she is a MSU Advanced Master Gardener.
Sam finds life in DC & condo living VERY BORING! Toby Alexander Dickens joins Sam for an occasional nap but usually has more important tasks at hand!
At home, Sam is in charge of gathering the guineas & chickens in the evening.

In MY opinion, there is plenty to do in DC!
My very own Christmas tree!!!                                           Settling down for a long winter's nap!

Inauguration Platform Construction Begins in October 2008!
Christman Construction Superintendent Gary Russell pictured 6th from left - brown jacket.

A November update from Sharon - Thought you all would like the latest updated photos... still ahead of schedule-Yea!!
 Really great photos. There was an article in the Washington Post last week here and heard today that there was one in
Grand Rapids  paper on handrails architect .... very interesting job!! Love to all... Sharon & Gary

Gary Russell pictured right standing on the plywood and pictured below far left.

End Of December -- Gary reports construction is ahead of Schedule!
Sharon reports in just before Christmas -- Attached are some more pictures that were taken at the Inauguration Platform at the
US Capitol Bldg. this past week... almost completed!! We are SO looking forward to getting back home to our farm. Sharon & Gary
We can't wait to have you home, Gary & Sharon!


December 22 -- Ch Thornapple Shakin' All Over "Slash" shows off his CACIB!!!!
I'm so happy and proud of Slash from this show - both days were great for us!!!
1st day Judge Hans Eric Pedersen: Slash CAC and CACIB!!!!!!! It was his second show in adut class!!! and opened his INTERNATIONAL Champion!!!!
The Judge wrote:::: Maybe he is not in coat but his structure, proportions and movement it is enough to win with the dogs from open and champion class.
II day judge John Wels Ireland - Slash CAC



I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2009.
I give you some picture of Scott and me. King Regard. Aurore Van Der Geenst

Easy Aussies * Sweden left --- Jet right
Happy New Year Ellen,Thought you would enjoy seeing Jet in his blue shoes and running suit!
Isn't he handsome? He is a love and I tell everyone where he came from and how sweet you are.
Happy Happy New Year, Marie and Jet (Jet lives in Manhattan)





Left - Merry Christmas to all!! Hope Santa was good to you. Virginia & Una, Fannie, & Peanut the Aussies of Pintado
Right - Ch Thornapple Singled Out "Jenny" owned by Alex & Jane Gottschalk

Merry Christmas Ellen and everyone at Thornapple. I hope your holidays are wonderful.
I can't believe Scarlet will be 2 years old on January 6th. She is still wonderful and beautiful.
I've attached some pictures. We will be going to the show ring in 2009.
Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sue Tearle and Scarlet

CH Thornapple Shakin' All Over "Slash" visits the Alps!!!!  No stick goes unturned when Slash visits a new country!
The branches in the Alps are especially nice!

It was not all play --- no work --- Slash and Sheina worked in a dog show along the way!
Iwona reports in a big wins in Slovenia!

Last week we have spent in Slovania. We went there for two CACIB show where Slash twice won Best Junior in Breed
and in beautiful style finished his Slovenian Junior Champion. Sheina won twice best of breed and on first day she was III BOG.
Sheina and Slash also won II BIS in brace competition!!! On second day we haven't stayed for final competition because we
 preferred to go for a walk in beautiful mountains Alps. We climb on 1780 m!!"

Thank you for sharing your incredible photos Iwona!  BEAUTIFUL!!!

HUGE NEWS from Jayne Holligan
(pictured) in the UK!!!!
Diablo is joint #1 Aussie for 2008 !!!! I told Bitta I was so proud to have finished his English title!
Judge Jayne Holligan of the UK!
Jayne's comments about breed judging:
I was very pleased with the overall quality of my entry. Type overall was very good, however, front construction does
need to be watched we are a working breed and functionality and well balanced movement is the basis of our beautiful
breed. Tail sets were variedwhich is only to be expected at this stage, I also encountered one or two bad bites. Presentation
 in some exhibits was outstanding but others were dirty, ungroomed and so obviously lacking proper exercise and thus were
overweight and lacked any muscle, which was a shame as some very nice typey exhibits especially in my limit bitch class
were penalized because of this. I stayed to watch my BOB winner go BIG and was thrilled to learn the next day that he went RBIS.
Well done !
Jayne's critique of Diablo --- Open Dog 12 Entries 5 Abs
1. Wohliche - Am/DK/Nch Thornapple Aftershock - I have loved this dog from the day I saw him as a baby puppy
and have watched him go from strength to strength not only in this country but on the continent and in the USA.
He is a beautiful red merle, beautifully balanced, presented in the highest order and handled to absolute perfection,
he has everything an Aussie should have. He also has that extra something that makes him stand out in the crowd.
I was so pleased to have the opportunity to judge him and award him is crowning CC. He has the balance, the structure
 and the movement, he isn't perfect as perfection doesn't exist but he is as close as I have seen to it, I was honoured to
have the chance to judge him, easily my BOB winner.
Ch Thornapple Aftershock --- shares the honor of #1 Australian Shepherd in the UK for 2008!
CONGRATULATIONS BITTA & DIABLO!!!!!! Thank you Jayne!!!!

Ch Thornapple Cuba Blue
Bitta reports -- Cuba become dog of the year 2nd in our club. (not Danish kennel club, but our breed specialist club).
As you can see here at the link he was very close to become #1. Congratulation on your beautiful blue boy!

I can't wait the Chicago Dog Show, to meet U and your wonderful dogs, and I also miss the dog show feeling:-))).
Unfortunately nothing comes easily, I couldn't find work yet, so t seems I have to leave the US in January
 for a couple of days, but I will return before the big show.. I'm sure:-))) Although my camera is sooo old, and
usually doesn't work well...I wanted to show U the pics of our Frisbee "training" on Vito's birthday in the Michigan Lake
beach...The sky was amazing, and the colours also...I hope U don't mind the quality of the photos:-))) Enjoy them!
Best, Barbi

Barbara and Vito moved from Hungary to Chicago while Barbara's boyfriend attends school.
We look forward to meeting Barbara at the Chicago International Dog Show in March.
SPECTACULAR PHOTOS Barbara!   THANK YOU for sharing! Your camera did just fine.

BEAUTIFUL Vito on the wintery beach of Lake Michigan!!!
Vito is a son of Ch Thornapple Iced Latte of Hungary.

BEAUTIFUL computer artwork by Britney's Best Bud Audrey Carter.
Thank you Audrey!!!

"One thing we have control over in our lives is our attitude ... Get Your Smile On."
Country Music Star Clay Walker ** March 22, 2008 ** in an interview on Fox News about his battle with Multiple Sclerosis.