DJCH Thornapple Last Dance

Blue Merle Bitch * DOB 5/13/08

Sire: Ch Thornapple Single Barrel
Dam: Ch Thornapple Starry Eye Surprise

Owned & Handled by Rianne van Tiggelen * The Netherlands


Bred by Amy Garrison * Ellen Brandenburg * Victoria Davidson




GOOD NEWS from the NETHERLANDS April 11, 2010!

I wanted to share some brags ;-), Today Janay became at a Club match BIG-2!

It was our first outdoor show for this year....and it was very early and
were lucky to have nice weather.... The Judge was MR. Wieldraaier NL.

Here a picture from Janay, tomorrow 22 months old....got some tips from
Bitta again so bath her today and tried them and she looks stunning, she
isOUT of coat but you cannot see it at the picture....;-) I did my best to
let her look great without coat...practicing for the next show....She will be
 in coat at the WDS end of June I'm so happy about it, lets see what she is
doing there ;-) Rianne * Heavenly Stars Australian Shepherds

Netherlands SNOW *** Janay SNOWBALL DOG!
GOOD NEWS from the Netherlands!
Today we were at the international dog show in Belgium, with Judge Mr. Larive from France.
Janay became Reserve Winners Bitch, so did a good job again. Rianne **Heavenly Stars **


July 5th, 2009 *** Hey Thornapple family, I have great news again....
Today Janay became WB again, and she is almost naked ;-), I really didn't expect it, I was in doubt if I should go ;-)
only 14 months Dutch Junior Champion and very close to her Dutch Championship, she only needs 3/4 point, but I can
 only finish her after her 27 months. It was so hot, really extreme, in the ring you almost were fainting.....and the poor dogs,
We could leave earlier, normally we need to stay. I feel free to let you know the other thornapple family news here.
Sydor -
Thornapple Shoot the Slapshot from Petra was BOB, Alex - Thornapple Double Jeopardy from Petra won
youth class and TJ
Thornapple Thunder Jam from Jenny second in youth class so it was a good thornapple day in the Netherlands,
17 Aussies entered and 4 Thornapples LOL. It was nice to see, half brother and sister were WD and WB.  So the CAC's and youth
CAC's are taken by the thornapple clan.....(Janay was also in youth class)    Rianne and little Miss Janay
WOW -- ALL of the CACs!  Congratulations!!!!!

June 29, 2009 --- Rianne shares photos of her crazy Aussie water dog!

Sorry but what have you sold me LOL....
She is really crazy hahahahhaha.....it wasn't meant that she used the bath
this morning it was still there from yesterday, we have nice warm
weather....so she decided by herself to take a bath....

I think we sold you a FISH Rianne! :))))


June 6, 2009 -- Janay passes the mental test in the Netherlands!
We are back from the young dog day, and Janay is ok LOL. She passed the little mental test and she was exactly doing what I have expected.
We needed to use a flexi lead, but she doesn't know such line and she thought YESSSS PLAYTIME and started running over the grass.
With the first test, she was jumping to the women who gave me a hand, and then she was chewing on the orange pawn with # 1 on it LOL,
yes thats Janay LOL....no problem. Then we walked to # 2. There was a strange noise coming but she was already jumping and running
 in front of me. She was a little bit shocked of it, but within one second she was walking to the gear were the noise was coming from, to
look what it was. All this time you may not talk to your dog. Then we walked to # 3, again jumpy running. There was a white shirt pulled on high,
then she was really shocked and ran away, but with the long line she was stuck. I needed to lose it and then she came looking with me to the skirt.
 The last thing was, playing with me, with a toy, and she was as normally jumpy and happy. She passed it and the people were laughing about her.
They said she is so active and enthusiastic. They said she is one of the Aussies with kangaroo in her lines LOL! They said she is a dog who will do
something first then think about it. They liked her. This is how she really is but you know that! LOL! She was with you for her first 5 months. The
judgment of how she looks is also ok but that could not be wrong with such a young DJCH! We have a show on Friday. I will take photos of Alex,
Paisley and Janay together at the show. TJ will also be at the show.
CONGRATULATIONS on passing the mental test Rianne & Janay!

Beautiful Janay survives the mental test!

NEWS from Rianne in the NETHERLANDS!
I have great news!
May 30 * Today Janay became 1st Excellent out of 8 entries! This is her 3rd & last Youth CAC so
she is now a  Dutch Youth Champion DJCH! I am so proud of her at only 12 months old!
In 4 shows, she became 3 points....YIPEEE...it was in Arnhem, with judge Mrs. Onstenk-Schenk. NL.

May 9 - GOOD NEWS from Rianne in the Netherlands!

I wanted to let you al know that I'm AGAIN very proud of my little girl....
She won again her class, with an Excellent out of 4 and became her second
point towards her Dutch Youth Championship, one to go Janay....!!!
The Judge was Mr. Wauben from the Netherlands and was again very interested
in her, he also made her best of breed puppy in November.
Janay will be one year old on Wednesday, so then we have a little party LOL.
I didn't know but today was also an outdoor show, but she has done it
better, and she is learning showing on grass is also possible...
Rianne and Little Miss Janay...

Happy Birthday Janay! Janay models her birthday present -- a backpack!!!

Janay was 1st with 6 bitches in youth class.
I'm really proud of her, she became her first (of three) point forward to
her Dutch Youth Championship, and with only 11 months Reserve Winner Bitch.
She did very good, she really likes to show.....
Next weekend were of for 2 days of ASCA show in Belgium.
:)Rianne and Little Miss Janay

WOOO WOOO Rianne & Janay!  GREAT JOB!
Rianne sent YouTube links to watch today's judging!

 second movie youth class judging
 last walk before placing
 judging for WB

This weekend we had 2 days of show.
On Saturday a FCI show, here in the Netherlands...and she was in youth
class. The Judge gave her a very good Write up and she ended on the 4th
place with an Excellent out of 6. She has done great and I was proud of my
little girl.

On Sunday Janay had her first ASCA show in Germany, I met for the first time
Thornapple Thunder Jam and he is a very nice guy....so sweet and happy, he
liked to play with Janay. There were277 Aussies entered.

Janay was in 9-12 months class and there were 12 bitches entered. It
was a big competition, there were some very nice youngsters. I didn't
expect it, but Janay ended up at the 2nd Place.

So we had a very nice show weekend. At the end of march were going to the big
show in Luxembourg....Rianne

February 15th 2009 *** GOOD NEWS from Rianne & Janay in the Netherlands!
Today we where at our first dog show (FCI) in Germany.

We had Judge Edelhart, in youth class with her only 9 months and 2 days.
He was very nice for her, and give her a very good write up, and an
Excellent, and other people told me, thats very good in youth class, in
Germany because most of the time they don't become an Excellent, most of the
time a Very Good.
So Janay became today her First Official Titel Rheinland Jugend Sieger 2009
and after being judged with the male youth winner again, she is Best Youth
Dog. In Germany its different then at our shows, so Janay was in the ring
with WD and WB for BOB....(WD was a Shamba son) my poor little girl, she
couldn't win LOL...
www.ticolana.be -- Photography by Priscilla and Johnny Strijdonk



Hey! Today, I was on the Winner in Amsterdam with Janay!
*** She was BEST OF BREED PUPPY ***


BEAUTIFUL at 6 months old! *** November 2008

I have great news from Janay's first show!  She won her baby class, then Best Baby and at last (thornapple LAST dance lol)
she was BEST BABY IN SHOW our of 13 puppies!  I am so happy about this!  Both judges told me she is a very nice puppy.

AND Rianne reports a REPEAT PERFORMANCE for Janay on Sunday October 26th!  GOOD JOB!!!!