March Begins



CH Thornapple Causin' A Commotion "Riot"
photo credit Ami Romanelli

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This day falls on National Agriculture Day --- SHAME on Michigan!
Michigan “Meatout” Declaration Grills Sensibilities

Granholm's meatless day proclamation grinds Farm Bureau
Mark Hornbeck / Detroit News Lansing Bureau
Lansing -- Gov. Jennifer Granholm proclaimed Saturday a meatless day,
and the Michigan Farm Bureau is having a cow. Wayne Wood, president of the Farm Bureau,
in a tersely worded statement, called the governor's proclamation for Michigan Meatout Day
"unconscionable" and "an insensitive" slap in the face to Michigan's livestock and dairy farmers,
not to mention Michigan's meat-eating residents."
Liz Boyd, Granholm's press secretary, countered that "people may be taking this too seriously."...

JUST IN FROM IOWA! Get paid to be a breeder who does NOT BREED dogs!!!!! 

20th & 21st Winter All-Breed Dog Shows
LOGANSPORT KENNEL CLUB * WWII Victory Museum & Auburn Indiana

Thornapple Cupid Shuffle "Cupid"
BEST OF WINNERS * Logansport KC * Saturday March 13 * Judge Mrs. Neena L. Van Camp
handled by Amy Garrison

Shayna Garrison *** BEST JUNIOR Handler
Logansport KC * March 14 * Judge Mrs. Beverly R. Anderson


CRUFTS NEWS March 11, 2010!!!!

Danish CH Thornapple Cuba Blue
(middle blue merle dog - pictured next to Ch Thornapple Aftershock)

photo credit Kirstie Venton March 2010

Danish CH Thornapple What The Doc Ordered "Jada"
photo credit Kirstie Venton March 2010

Toasting the big win with a Guinness!
Thank you Jayne & Anna-Lena for the ringside judging updates!

I have attached some photos I took of Jada. I borrowed my Dad's camera to have a try with a posh camera so I took quite a few photos!!!!
As for my girlies. Shenzi (My Lorenzo daughter) got 3rd in Veteran Bitch, her daughter Bea (Out of Jag) was 2nd in Post Grad Bitch, and
madam Mika (Shenzi's grand daughter, out of Spitty) was 2nd in Junior Bitch to Bitta's beautiful Summer. Unfortunately Mum's camera didn't
 like the lighting in the hall so didn't get very good photos of my lot! Kirstie
Gill & Kirstie Venton *** ***

March 18 --
From Bitta --- Here are 2 pictures for the website.
Jada is Danish, Norwegian, Luxemburg & International Champion (and on her way to become Champion in UK and Holland)

“Summer” – Leading Angel’s Pure Thornapple won special junior and is now qualified for Cruft 2011
… and so is Cuba, Jada, Diablo and Tíbrá too!  I hope to get Travis qualified for next year! Hug Bitta

CH Thornapple What The Doc Ordered *** Best Opposite Sex (pictured right)
Congratulations Ch Bayshore's Triple Ex (pictured left) on your Best Of Breed win.

Here's some of Cuba, Diablo (see photo above) & Sydor.
I was only using the small lens on these pics as I had to rush off and get Shenzi ready for her class.
Ch Thornapple Shoot The Slapshot "Sydor" - 3rd from left - owned by Petra & Bas from the Netherlands.

These are Leading Angel's Cherish Thornapple, who won Yearling Bitch!
photo credit Kirstie Venton March 2010

Cuba will return home in April for the USASA Nationals & to be handled to his AKC championship by Amy.
Thank you for loving Cuba & presenting him to his championship Bitta!

March 9 -- NEWS from Japan!

The photograph which I attached is ZIMA.
He was G1 by a dog show of the week before last.

Group 1 TRUE were Group 2 RUFFY last week.

Children of Dixie (Am CH Thornapple Dixie Darling) and Cruzan (CH Thornapple Single Barrel)
participate actively in Japan. Thank you , Tomomi
AM CH Thornapple Dixie Darling
March 16 * 2010 ***** HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY DIXIE!!!!!

Dam to Japanese Group winners ZIMA, TRUE & RUFFY! LIFE is GOOD in JAPAN! :)

March 8 --- NEWS from Poland!

So 3 am we came back from international show in Austria in Graz. I was showing 3 dogs Casy in intermediate class, Sheina in interchampion class
and my Blue in interchampion class as both are already confirmed interchampions :))) Casy has already 6 CACIBs but she needs now the time :))
interchampion are not compete for CACIB but the go for final round for BOB. So we finished Sheina CAC, Blue CAC, Casy CAC (won class) and Cacib
- father Chauncey (Thornapple Move Over) can be VERY proud again :))) kisses from daughter :)))

Maris won CAC in big open class (7) and get reserve CACIB :)) congratulations MARCO !!! it was great to see you again :)))

so for final round BOB - I had 3 dogs and thanks to handlers who helped me to manage this :))) and judge placed: junior dog, best male with CACIB,
on third place in breed my Blue :)) on second place my Sheina and first with BOB won Casy !! I was so happy for all my dogs that made such a good job :))))

MARKO & MARIS REPORT IN from Croatia!!!

CH Thornapple America The Beautiful "Maris"
We just came back home from CACIB Graz, Austria. It was a show with 35 aussies entered,
Maris was in the open class bitches competing with 7 females, and she won the class, got CAC.
Iwona came with Casy so she was CACIB female & Best Of Breed. Maris won R.CACIB.
Here are some photos attached. Hugs, Marko

Newspaper article in Croatia featuring Maris & her owner Marko Ljutic.
Croatian Junior Champion Slovenia Junior Champion Junior Hungarian Champion Thornapple America The Beautiful "Maris"
I would like to share with you today article that was published in the Croatian Daily National Newspapers "Jutarnji list."
Actually we had a double page for the essay and pictures of Maris and cats. Unfortunately it is in Croatian, but I can say what was written.
In the article I wrote about aussies, characteristics and how it's perceived as Australian breed, but actually Aussie is originally American.
I wrote about getting my first Aussie from the one of the World's leading Kennels in the breed, Thornapple, and how the communication was so great.
How I got pictures from you Ellen in all stages of Maris development. Kind of cool article it was :-) So I will attach it to this e-mail, so you can see structure.

The thing that I always wanted and would be so grateful to you if you could do me a one favor. I would like to put Ad in our Croatian Kennel Club news magazine.
I was thinking of whole page Ad to advertise and I always admired for those that Chelsea do for Thornapple. It would be great if she could do some supportive
 AD from Thornapple to the Cinology of Croatia and Thornapple America the Beautiful with the T logo, some relatives and family and supportive text. I would just love it!

March 8 NEWS from Mercury Aussies!

Thornapple Mercury Arctic Shake RN RA CGC HIC (1 leg CD)
(Ch. Jake x Ch. Thornapple Straight Up "Chante")

"Ice" and Eileen Kosakowski had their obedience trial debut on March 6, 2010. Ice was entered in Novice A.
He and Eileen went on to take home High In Trial - All Breed and High In Trial Australian Shepherd! This was at the College Station, TX - ASCA show.
Ice needs two more legs to complete his ASCA CD title.  Ami Romanelli, Esq.


News from the Detroit Kennel Club Show
Cobo Hall * Detroit Michigan March 6 & 7


Talyn had fun at the Cobo Hall show in Detroit, MI this weekend, taking a 4 pt WD/BOS over Specials on Saturday under Mr. Lawrence E. Stanbridgeand RWD
 and a BBE Group 3 on Sunday under Mrs. Judith Goodin. The Talented Mr. Talyn now has all his majors in ASCA and AKC, with 11 points in each venue. We're pretty
 proud of our baby boy who has been shown very limitedly. Nikki Hengy * Wyndcrest Aussies 

Talyn is sired by Ch Thornapple Single Barrel * CONGRATULATIONS Nikki!

Thornapple HellRaiser "Satan"

Judge Mr. Lawrence E. Stanbridge & Mr. David Stout
handled by Shayna Garrison

Shayna Garrison
1st Place Open Intermediate Junior Handling March 6 & & * Judges Mr. David Stout & Mr. Peter Kubacz

Thornapple Last Dance "Janay"
Here a picture from Janay, tomorrow 22 months some tips from
Bitta again so bath her today and tried them and she looks stunning, she
is OUT of coat but you cannot see it at the picture....;-) I did my best to
let her look great without coat...practicing for the next show....She will be
 in coat at the World Dog Show end of June I'm so happy about it, lets see
what she is doing there ;-) Rianne * Heavenly Stars Australian Shepherds

CH Thornapple Premonition "Cherry"
DOG SHOW NEWS from Czech Republic!
March 6, 2010 *** International Dog Show München (DE). Judge Mrs. Gisa Schicker (DE).
Cherry Excellent 2, R.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH. (7 bitch).

March 7, 2010 *** National Dog Show Drzonków (PL). Judge Mr. Waldemar Mrowiec (PL).
Cherry Excellent 1, CWC. Pfoto Drzonków  Iva in Cherry
Cherry & Gang enjoy the LAST of Al Gore's global warming!

Evan LOVES on our babies!  Black tri female left & black tri male right.

"One thing we have control over in our lives is our attitude ... Get Your Smile On."
Country Music Star Clay Walker ** March 22, 2008 ** in an interview on Fox News about his battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Puppies sired by Ch Thornapple Single Barrel. Dam Thornapple Diamonds At Tiffanys.
Blue merle female left & black tri male right.
Black tri male left. Black tri female right.
Blue merle female left . Black tri female right.